One of our friends, Jessie, needs a very sophisticated (and expensive) hearing aid. She is trying to raise $6,000, and we want to help her. So, we set up an online poker tournament on PokerStars.NET for May 15, 9.00 PM. This is a free entry tournament, and there is no obligation on anyone to donate. Registration starts tonight, and we are working on making some nice prizes to the top finishers. We will be announcing and adding prizes every day.

There will be a number of "Big-Name" pros attending as well as many of our Team BSO squad. The game will be covered live by OnTilt Radio and FifthStreet Radio. There will be a lot of fun and prizes, but the bottom line is that we will have an opportunity to help one of our friends. All contributions will go directly to Jessie. We will provide a direct PayPal link so if you decide that you can contribute to Jessie, you can be assured that the amount that you send will be received directly by her.

Please remember that even if you can not contribute you are very welcome to play. Your participation will be viewed as your way to send some good karma to Jessie.

And now, the details:

When: May 15, 9PM EST.
Where: PokerStars.Net (Home Games)
Invitation Code: 2012BSO2012
Club ID: 607847
Tournament #:726952351
Entry Fee: None
Contribution required: None
Prizes to be determined and will be allocated to the top finishers.

Entries restricted to 2,000 so enter early.