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Been a long time

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    Default Been a long time

    Havent been involved much with poker over the last few years. Just now getting back in to it. Probably don't remember me but I'm back!!!!
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    haha it must have been a really long time.... romeo crenel is my avatar hahaha
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    Hey, how are you-- sorry apparently no one so far remembers you. I vaguely remember your avatar, maybe even more vaguely your username.

    Not sure how much poker activity you'll find here, but, well, yeah.. welcome back.

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    Apr 2012
    St Louis, MO
    Geez, get a room, guys.
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    mmm calls dibs on the closet and the spiderman costume
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    Jan 2007
    Jack-high straight flush motherfucker
    My dream... is to fly... over the rainbow... so high...

    Cogito ergo sum

    VHS is like a book? and a book is like a stack of kindles.
    Hey, I'm in a movie!
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    Sep 2004
    himself fucker.
    Browns have more upside than the Steelers these days.
    <a href= target=_blank></a>
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    Quote Originally Posted by a500lbgorilla View Post
    Browns have more upside than the Steelers these days.
    Get rid of your idiot, no talent, talks-out-his-ass-hole, shits-his-pants-in-big-games, coach

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