Well after sitting around since Black Friday I've finally made a small deposit ($50) on Bovada Poker and I am going to see what I can do with it. I've only had a few occasions to play live since BF and to be honest I feel like I've forgotten most of what I learned here before. I do remember one thing I am not properly rolled or at least wasn't when I deposited last week. Thing is I had read Bovada was pretty fishy and I really can't justify taking funds out of the family budget so I figured what the hell.

It does appear to be a pretty fishy site so far at least at the 4nl 6max tables. I've not had much time to play but I have managed to grind out 9.6 additional big blinds so now I have a whopping $78.44 in the BR.

The plan is to revisit many of the old threads and brush up on the basics as I dabble around with 4nl. I'll stick with 4nl until I grind up to $250 before exploring 10nl. I'll allow myself just 5BI's before I step back down if needed. I really want to get a good basic foundation.

I still have HM and all the programs on the laptop although I'm not sure they'll do me much good at Bovada. If I can figure out how to import my HH's I will so I can at least see my own stats. Not worried about Table Ninja, Note Caddy and some of the others as I'm not sure they were really advantageous in the past being I was never the player I wanted to be. I have dusted off Ace Poker Drills because I was always very impressed with what it has to offer.

Just in case anybody recalls me from the past I'll give a little life update:

Still working at the same car dealership as the finance director and pretty much hating it. The car biz is still really flat and the money isn't what it used to be. Every now and then we see a glimpse of the past but then it doesn't last.

I've made some huge improvements with my health. Last January a guy who I work with opened a CrossFit facility in the town I live in. He had been working out at a box (that's what crossfitters call their gym) in the city where we work and pestering me to come try it. Because of the logistics it wasn't practical for me so I told him if he'd open one in our city then I'd join.

Well he did on 01/03/2012 and I was there at 5am that morning. Got my ass totally kicked with the most basic workout imaginable but for some crazy reason I loved it. That morning I weighed myself and was 230lbs. I made sure I was consistent with my workouts and was there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Weight started coming off and by god my strength started improving as well. I managed to get the weight down to around 210lbs and was pretty damn happy. Then I joined a 9 week Paleo challenge. So for 9 weeks I at nothing but meet, vegetables, nuts, seeds and a little fruit but NO SUGAR. By the end of the 9 weeks I shed 17 inches off my body and my weight was down to 173lbs. I've managed to stay between 175 & 177 for the most part.

Here's a good example. I posted on here back on April 3, 2011 that I ran a 5k on my 50th and finished in just under 40 minutes. Well this last Monday I ran another 5k and finished in a hair over 25 minutes.

Oh and a great side note at least for me is Mrs. Harley has been CrossFitting over a year as well and I have to say she's pretty damn smoking hot for an old gal. Still don't have any nude's to share for Spoon but I'll work on it....LOL


I need to explore with Bovada more and learn all I can about the site. Not a clue right now how to get my HH's etc. so any help would be appreciated. Anybody know if the hand converting here will convert Bovada hands or WeakTight? Shit was that the name of that sire, Weak Tight??? Well chime in and help me out if you will gentlemen!