Praying for Daylight

tl;dr at end of post

Ahh FTR, it has been too long. Coming back and reading old blogs and threads, the stickies in the BC, hell even seeing spoon posting strat threads is like coming back home and seeing an old friend.

Haven't posted or made a blog here in forever, and it feels good to be back. Hoping to see some old friends and make some new ones!

Been getting the itch that only poker can scratch lately but living in the U.S. means options are limited online. Thankfully, I live 15 minutes from a small cardroom that spreads 1/2 with weak competition.

This first post I'm just laying the foundation for what I want out of this blog, which is basically a place to hold myself accountable, track results, post hands, vent, and banter with my FTR Bros.

Starting point:
-$1,000 or 5BI's

Initial Goals:
- Not go busto on the first trip
- Reaquaint myself with the laws of poker, position is king, don't get fancy, bankroll management is paramount, tilt management even more important early on.
- Strike up poker related conversations with as many people as possible.

To kick this off, I'm using $1k from my tax returns to see if I can grind out a nice little live roll. Nearby cardroom only spreads 1/2 regularly so I'm stuck with that until I relocate (more on that in future posts).

I have a massive resource in FTR, poker friends, and more than a few hours in previous experience to draw on to make this happen. There is no excuse for failure.

Expect more updates by the end of the first week of March. Should have return back by then and have played a couple sessions.

Good to be back!!

tl;dr - Fuck you, read it or gtfo.