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Part 1 10nl-50nl

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    Default Part 1 10nl-50nl

    Hi guys....i used to lurk on FTR a few years ago...made an operation or two and never followed through with it...I had huge expectations and no work this time im setting a reasonable goal...I will see it through to the end and begin part 2....i look forward to posting and becoming an active member of the goal is to move up one stake at a time and eventually playing for a living...I am Canadian so I am able to play on most sites (living in BC Canada) ...anyways good luck to all and run good.....cheers

    PS... current BR is 200

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    Played my first session at 10nl....up 5.93 euro in 910 hands....pretty quiet session but at least it was a winning one....

    BR 205.93 euro
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    2nd session....up 32.16 euro over 1655 hands today...was a rocky day....full house ran into quads,...straight into rivered full house...thats poker for ya...but a good day playing 10nl on a euro im planning to move up to 20bl at 500 euro...

    BR is 238.19.......rake is a killer at these limits...29.81 euro in 2575 good guys
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    played 2258 hands today...BR is now at 270.45 euro...running decently .... love having this OP...seems like bloggin holds me accountable for my play and what i achieve at poker....cheers
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    good luck!
    Quote Originally Posted by Fnord View Post
    Why poker fucks with our heads: it's the master that beats you for bringing in the paper, then gives you a milkbone for peeing on the carpet.


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    yeah Good Luck dude. sounds like youve got your head screwed on right.
    pokering again
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    Thanks for the support current BR is 444.72 euro...i have been running pretty good...playing 20nl now....trying to play as mistake free as possible...just noticed my cbet percentage on the flop is 80 percent in i think that may be a leak i need to check good everyone....


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