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The only way is up!

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    Default The only way is up!

    Decided to start a following project:


    500,000 usd profit in 365 days.

    2500 hours of play.

    Clean diet for 365 days.

    Why do I want to write a journal on my progress?

    Because I believe that reviewing my progress on a regular basis will greatly increase my chances of success. It will keep me in track, more focused. I think that writing publicly will be more effective than having a private journal. The publicity will give me a little kick to make sure that I will stay in track with the reviewing of the progress and making sure that I will put myself in a position where the odds for success are as high as possible.

    Why do I choose to write in FTR?

    Because, I really do not want to draw attention to myself. I prefer to stay anonymous. It probably sounds a little backwards that I want to write in public but don’t want any attention. How ever I think FTR serves greatly for my purpose, it is a poker site after all. But the traffic is probably such that I can keep it nice and quiet, maybe with a small bunch of readers who follow along.

    Why do I want to set a yearly goal now? or why in general?

    I just turned 29 last weekend. After 1 year I will turn 30. Frickin thirty. I Can’t believe how time flies. I really feel like my poker career has been a massive under performance, and I can, and I should do a lot better. I haven’t had a clear, step by step plan to reach the place where I want to be in my life in regards with poker. I have only had these passing thoughts and visions inside my head that keep flying around, coming and going. I do constantly think about the future and how to succeed etc. but without a clear, detailed plan failure is more than likely. So now is a great time to start since after I am finished with the 365 days I will be a 30 year old poker pro and I definately don’t want to be a broke one or grinding ⅓ with a small bankroll.

    Why do I choose 500k as my goal?

    Because, I believe 500k is realistic but very ambitious. It requires a massive effort, but I 100% believe that I can pull it off. it’s more than double my previous record year, but I have been running on less than 50% effort previously anyway. 500k is a sum that inspires me. If I would reach that goal, I would really feel like I have achieved something. I also think it is way better to set a ridiculously ambitious goal than a easy small goal. Dream big.

    How do I think I will be able to achieve my goal?

    In order to achieve this goal, I need to pick it up into smaller pieces. Also to specify, I don’t consider the profit to be the main goal. It is more of a vision that boosts me to stay in track. The actual goals are the processes behind the vision and short term goals that build towards the yearly success.Those are such as play hours put in the table, hours put in studying, routines build up to reach the end goal. My point here is that I don’t think that a profit X in timeframe Y is the best type of goal to have. It’s way better to separate from the results and try to put in quality hours. So if I end up short and would make for example 300k, and feel like I have given a great effort, hit my hourly goals etc. I would surely be happy.

    The current time frames that I have pieced out for myself are as follows:

    Las vegas -> 25.4
    EPT Monaco -> 5.5
    WSOP -> may - July
    SHRPO 1.8 -13.8
    EPT Barcelona 13.8 - 1.9
    WCOOP? Vegas? Something else?

    The actual measurable goal behind the vision is 2500 hours of play. If I can put in 2500 hours in the next 365 days, I will be very satisfied. That being said, Forcing in hours just to get to a specific number is definately not the way to go. I have been there too many ties, playing too long sessions and having the crucial punt to wipe out all the profits from the session.

    So, if it feels like 200+ hour months are way too much, I will re-assess this during the process. But for now, my aim is at 2500 hours.

    I will add more details on how I think I will be able to make it later. For now, short term goal is to:

    - Grind 50 hours of 2/5 until end of friday night. (or ⅓ if I have to drop down)
    - Meditate in the morning, and in the evening
    - meditate / prime before each session
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