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My Ferguson Challenge Blog

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    Default My Ferguson Challenge Blog

    Hi all,

    I started and thread in the beginner section until someone gave me the idea to start a blog so here it goes. A little back round of myself. I'm a big Pearl Jam fan hence the name and I'm new to playing online poker. I play on Pokerstars and deposit $50 mid December 2014. At first my goal was to have $500 by December 31, 2015 and now it's just to learn and play better poker. Although winning money is nice too I've been playing poker with friends for years, I've played free live MMT in the past and won a few which gave me bragging rights with my friends.

    I ended last week being over $90 and this week as been an amazing one. I've started playing 2NL holdem to get my bankroll up from $50 - mid $90. For some reason this week I decided to start playing 2NL O8 H/L as it's a game I've played with friends before. Well I'm now over $110. I can't believe some of the fish playing. I can't say how many times I have the nut high & low with the other playier going all in, all I have to do is call and scoop. I don't think this will work in higher levels but I will take what I can get for now.

    I have to say FTR has been fantastic so far,. A lot of support from the MODs and good articles to read. Since I've started I think I've already notice a change in my game. I think more of what the other playing is playing with and count the odds much better than before when I was just guessing.

    See you on the felt

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    It's been a month since starting my blog and what a month. I've been playing a lot more 2NL O8 H/L with great success. I've had some losing days in between but overall i'm up. Also this past month I thought to myself I play a little 5NL holdem and at first it wasn't that hard. I play 5NL for a 30 min session or less each time I double up with AA I just leave and wait for another session another day. I find playing 5NL much different than 2NL. There is a lot more aggression and making the right decision a lot harder. My bankroll being so small I'm going to say at 2NL for a bit longer and play 5NL every once in awhile. I will also need to re-read everything again. I think i'm OK to play at that level however sometimes I catch myself making rookie mistakes.
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    So I've been playing 5NL holdem the past 2 days having pocket KK lose 4 times in a row ALL IN pre-flop lose to AA each time means I'm not ready for this level. Back to 2NL Omaha H/L.
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    Gl sir,wait for a graphic at the end of month so we can see how is you`re progress
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    excellent progress pj, keep it up. Sounds like you just ran into a lot of coolers on the 5nl shot but sounds like you got the right mindset with dropping back so I commend you on that sir.
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    Playing NLO8 has been a good change so far. My bankroll has constantly moving up however playing 2NLO8 it's starting to get harder. I find the number of player who play this game quite small and going all in with the nuts more challenging as I get called less. That being said I have changed my game a bit. I decided to download the trial version of PT4 Omaha today. I hope this will help me get a little more edge as I like to move to 5NL once my bankroll hits over $200. I hope PT4 show me some leaks in my game before I move up a level. Now I just need to learn how it works.
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    It's been 4 months already, I cleared my bonus and slowing grinding my way to $200. NLO8 and PT4 is getting more interesting as I can review more hands and it saves all my history. This week I hope to play some 2NL cash tables to earn entry to the PS challenges. You never know maybe I can get luck and be a Millionaire.
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    Sounds like you are progressing well. Don't forget to post some Holdem hands in the small stakes forum.
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    Thank you Bean Counter. Yes I will try to post some hands however I find most of my decisions easy at the moment. However I'm sure I will find one this week.
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    Good luck!
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    It seems like we will never see Chris Ferguson again, but his challenge(s) will live forever, kindof ironic
    Wish you the best success and luck in your endevour!
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    Hi all,

    Just a short update. I've been doing well playing 2NLO8 however the past 2 weeks I've been playing 2NL holdem to enter in the Million Dollar challenges on PS. I was able to win and enter in 5 of the 6 freeroll and won $16 from those freerolls. I'm already enter in 5 of the 6 new challenges. With all my winning last week I'm well over $200 so today I decided I try to move up a level and play 5PLO8. The table was 3 handed and what a difference. The aggression level was higher and you can't always wait for the nuts. I lost $2 at this level and will try again later this week. I think I need to enter a full table just so don't have to play as many hands. I will also look up some hands on PT4 to share later this week.
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    So I'm slowing grinding my way playing 2NLO8. I really haven't tried 5PLO8 again since 2 weeks ago. Although I'm winning money and I feel my game is improving I still feel there is room from improvement in my game. For one all-in preflop is something I stay away from. A lot of players just like to go all in preflop and without knowing where I stand I fold almost all the time. PT4 is helping a bit and although I may still limp too many times I do raise a lot more than 1 month ago. The send round of PS Million Dollar Challenges I was registered in all 6 of 6 challenges but didn't make the money in any. OH WELL. May is a new month and with the weather starting to warm up I hope to play less in the spring/summer months and come back in the fall.
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    Hi All,

    It's been along time since I've posted and there have been many good changes happening in my life outside poker. Summer's here for one and I love being outdoors. Own new property, new job and I really haven't had the time to play poker like I do in winter months. I love playing 2NLO8 and it is profitable however I'm just winning pennies. My bankroll is just under $400 (deposit and extra $55 because of Pokerstars promotions) but after all my deposits I play as if my BR is $300. I've recently moved up to 5NL holdem however I don't play that often. I will need to read more about poker as I was playing O8 for so long and this level is a little more tricky than 2NL. Also I need to buy PT4 as my trial period is over.

    I hope everyone is well and will add more posts on rainy days.

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