Hello,i just join in the community and as well i want to have a blog too

About me,

Suspect : Alex
Location : RO
Interess : Poker,Good people,Girls,Gym,My BK

About Poker:

I start to learn some basic tips/range's and start to play NL2,i win but finally i lost more than 40% if it.

My current BK are 18$ right now,I play NL2, 1x table Z00m.

Short Goals: ( WEEK )

- 3 session,maybe 4 sometime 60 min
- 1.5k or more hands
- review hands / analyse
- some video's

TIP's to bet NL2:

I know,it's easy and is money maker ( not for all ) i have to get only value from all good hands,and bet and bet and bet it so i will put some rule to win this nooby NL2

- Play only for value bet.Never blaff
- tight range for all possition
- if i hit the flop,cbet and play for value from a top +,fold to any raise with only a top
- if i don't hit the fold,i should c/fold,or if nobody bet i will bet the turn/river and fold to any raise

no more ideea,if somebody get up from this nl2 and got more plans to bet it,just tell me

p.s how i put a photo ?!