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Las Vegas Live cash 5k to 30k?

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    Default Las Vegas Live cash 5k to 30k?

    Hello everyone! I am 28 year old professional player from Europe, just landed to Las Vegas yesterday and will be staying here ~35 days.

    I have never had a blog but decided to start one to track more of my progress and goals for the trip.

    I have heaps of time when playing the slow paced live games so #1 goal is to post daily progress and hopefully have some other interesting content in case someone actually will be reading. How ever Im mainly doing this for myself and the chances that I suck at writing anything interesting are rather high!

    The actual profit goal is ambitious but I think it is realistic, I will see after maybe 1 week of playing if it is reachable with normal run.

    I start from 1/3 and try to reach 2/5 asap. Will post results from tonight later!
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    soaking up ethanol, moving on up
    have fun and good luck!
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    First session yesterday:

    Pretty horrible and I can only blame myself, made plenty of bad plays. Need to do some adjusting for the passive opponents, fold more when facing aggression. That is the goal for todays session that I just started at Bellagio.

    So goal is to play 8hrs and step away when villains get aggro/size up!
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    Sitting in 1/3 at the moment, since I have plenty of time I will write down some goals for next week:

    1. Monday-thursday 40hours of poker, goal is to get br in such shaoe that I can play 2-5 on the weekend abd onwards.

    2. Workout 6 days at a gym , getting a membership tomorrow

    3. Meditate 5/5/5 morning/before session/evening, really I see that my biggest enemy in these games is my own mindset with letting go hands when I know I'm beat etc. Meditation has worked well before with controllinc myself in the poker tables.

    4. Clean diet.
    I've had lot of allergies this year and curre tly I am eating super strict diet with no gluten, dairy and sugar. Basically sttict paleo/ autoimmune diet. This is very tough for me in vegas, after every losing session I want to buy a portion of ice cream or chocolate and the kiosks are everywhere in the casinos

    Will go with these 4 until friday and set a new hourly goal for the weekend on thursday night. I will not set a strict money goal but I would be satisfied with 2k profit from these 40 hours and that would give me a reasonable shot to 2/5 on the weekend.
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    Todays results:

    Decent session, made one horrible play and got it in w 2%equity on the flop, other than that played decently.

    Bellagio seems to be the casino where I enjoy playing the most, It's also location wise bedt for me so majority of my volume will come from there. Was looking at the line up at 5/10 today and can't wait to take shots there soon but 2/5 first ofc

    Tomorrows plan is to work out & play 10hours and hopefully run as good as today !
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    Monday results:
    + 949 usd

    Super swingy session with a lot of bad play will break it down tomorrow now super exhausted so off to bed.
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    Tuesday grind:
    +1959 usd

    Super happy with how I played, first day when I made no big mistakes and didn't go over aggro or make bad calls. Took a shot at2/5 and it paid off, from now on goal is to play only 2/5 and try to build enough br to take first shot to 5/10 on the weekend. I think I will take a shot if I have ~12buy ins for the game so I would need to win around 3.5k before that. 10hour per day goal is tough for me and I'm already behind socI will see how close I get. I got more volume during the summer when I was here by myself, now that I have 2 friends with me it's easier to find ways to waste some time here and there with buddies.

    I wont force myself to play just to hit hours I've tried that before and one punt when tired has cost more in the past than the gain from the volume

    Just sat to 2/5 at Bellagio, table is suuper soft gl me!
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    Oh sh*t just wrote a lengthy post but missclicked and it got deleted.. oh well try again i guess.

    Wed results:

    Super happy with the hours, play was not great again, I can do better. I always get those couple hands where my mind goes to error mode and I just let the tiltcall/aggro spewtard wake up in me.

    One punt from yesterday:

    Ep opens to 15d, mp calls, I call bu with 97spades.
    Flop AA8r checks through.
    Turn offsuit T ep checks, mp bets 20, I raise to 100d, ep folds mp calls.
    River 9o mp checks I jam for ~300d and get snapped with A9o.

    Now this one was played poorly, I really should just call the turn always with 97 here. It would really suck to fold this much equity here if I get reraised. Also if I call and hit my straight I am likely to get value still from the stronger hands that he has. Also if he is bluffing with a hand like QJo or whatever we still have reasonable eq against those hands, sure we would benefit folding those hands but is he really stabbing enough with them. I guess my in game thought process was that the player pool just face ups themselves with betsizings and 20 here to me looked very capped and not a hand that can stand two big bets.

    However in this spot with such a dry and protected board probably even a fish (which this guy was) realizes that Ax doesn't have to bet that big. When I hit the 9 I beat at least some small per cent of his range so I really should just ch back, also my raise to 100 was a big one and probably villain is already overfolding to that bet so his river range is stronger and we aren't getting enough fe. Would have been interestimg though if he didn't hit a boat to see if he folds trips here

    This is a very typical punt from me, bombing against a capped range which turns out to not be so capped after all. Ok well this one was one of the uglier ones usually I choose a bit better spot

    That is my first written down hand breakdown so bare with me if you feel like the thought process is garbage. Also if anyone reads this and you'd like to read more hh's let me know I can write more, actually this will prolly help me a ton with adjusting my play style here in Vegas since I play more online back home.

    Sitting at 2/5 now was down 700 but now breakeven hope to hit a heater so I can shot 5/10 tlmorrow can't wait!
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    Interesting read. I'll be taking a short detour to Vegas next weekend before a week of work in CA. Where would you recommend for a good 1/2 game on the strip? I'll likely be playing Saturday day time and maybe some drunken hands in the early hours.

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