i lost my roll to black friday on ft, hadn't been that interested but after i lost it i was gutted.
i had like 11 dollars on stars and like 25 dollars on carbon from trying them out but i never liked either as much as full tilt so my money just sat there, actually i think i put money on carbon post black friday but its shit.
okay so here is my plan to play on either stars or carbon and grind my way up from the fag limits to the less fag limits. prolly gonna be stars just cos finding a table/multitableing is a fuck ton easier when there is a bigger pool even though on carbon everyone is shite.
im a little bit drunk, hence having the courage to start a blog, i will be really ashamed if i dont keep it up.
i have a minimum wage job and 2 kids.....im a fucking loser.
i know from playing at my local casino (dusk till dawn) that im not the shittest poker player but i do have a tendency to bot my way through online not really considering anything but the cards in front of me.
i am going to study all the great threads that rpm posted which i am massively grateful for (reading M2Ms blog was a true inspiration even though it took me the best part of a day to get through) a lot of spoons posts i have been to lazy to actually work through are fucking gold, i will do this, this time. something on the lines of....i refuse to float my way through life not achieving anything, this is what i want to do, IT WILL BE DONE. wooo

starting at 2nl i am gonna grind my way up as hard as i find it. im at like 45 dollars on stars now... 5nl when i reach a hundred. GO.