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Expose poker cheating tools

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    Default Expose poker cheating tools

    1、Invisible Ink Playing Cards

    It still looks normally, but marked with invisible ink on the backside and will not be recognized by naked eyes,however,you can see the suit and number of the cards with special UV contact lenses and perspective glasses very clearly .It can use for party gambling,private casino or other poker games.

    1.2 Cipher card
    This Playing cards can manually mark, but the naked eye is also hard to see.

    2、poker analyzer

    poker analyzer equiped with poker scanning camera, it can read and analyzer barcode marked cards within few second with 100% accurate. While, the common poker analyzer without poker camera lens should work with the external poker scanning camera like power bank scanning camera, watch scanning camera, wallet scanning camera and so on. After poker analyzer analyze the marking playing cards, you can receive game’s result by your earpieces.

    3、poker scanner

    Poker scanner refers to mini camera designed for scanning marked cards. It can be installed inside many articles, like cuff link, lighter, water bottle. So other poker players can hardly find where the poker camera is.

    3.1 : poker scanner : Beaded Bracelet and Wrist Watch
    It's hard for you to find a mini camera on his bracelet. When he finished Shuffle the cards, it would report the result to her of the poker game.

    3.2 :poker scanner : Energy saving light

    This secret lamp camera can read the back marked cards. You can see the marks on TV or your cell phone instead of wearing co ntact lenses. Also, the back marked cards marks can not be seen by co ntact lenses or sunglasses.


    3.3 poker scanner :clothes

    You can install a mini camera in your clothes. It's hard to see through the naked eye.
    There's a lot of poker scanners. Can be installed anywhere

    4. change card device

    Why some poker players often have a good card,they have Exchange poker device .
    change card device have wallet poker exchanger, smart phone playing cards exchanging tool and so on.

    They installed cameras inside the table, which could not be seen with the naked eye.
    When playing poker, you can bring Mini earphones to receive the results of the game, you can also bring vibrators, and there are more tools to remind you.

    6、Some people mark cards when they shuffle. They will remember every card without any tools.
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