Hi, guys!

Want to check out how are some of the successful poker players doing in real life?? Here is the inside of our brand new project called: 1YEAR1MILL !!!

4 guys, 1 year, 1 million !!!!!!! Are we going to succeed??
Sunrise Team is one the way to a 1MillBall!

We are offering you an inside of our lifestyle under one roof in a Paradise. We will post some random videos of us, our stories, funny moments, fails and big successes. We will also update you on our progress on our famous Scoreboard !!
All videos will be uploaded on YouTube, and we will share it with you on this blog! If you don't want to miss our new adventure, subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Check out our very first introduction video on:

Are you with us??
"If it don't make money, it don't make sense!"