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$50k to travel: Gambling it up to see the world.

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    Cool $50k to travel: Gambling it up to see the world.

    Hey All!,

    I've been a poker player travelling the world for the last 2 years
    I've set up base a few times in different countries but now I have returned
    to the UK with a goal of grinding up a 50k budget to go on the biggest adventure I can around the globe.

    I'll be playing SSNL at first, looking to gamble it up on mid stakes and MTTs with the aim of hitting my goal. I'll also be making YouTube videos,streaming it all on Twitch and getting into coaching.

    I'm going to post graphs and interesting hands as well as talking about my journey.

    I'm in a few study groups on skype so PM me if interested.

    PS Screename: Salternator
    Twitch: iainsalterpoker

    RESULTS SO FAR: DAY 9: Bankroll is at $2200 after rakeback

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    Good luck, sounds like a pretty sweet goal to travel the world!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jay-Z
    I'm a couple hands down and I'm tryin' to get back
    I gave the other grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
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    Quote Originally Posted by griffey24 View Post
    Good luck, sounds like a pretty sweet goal to travel the world!
    chilling around the world is plenty fun. relying on poker to fund it in 2016, best of luck!
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    Whats up everyone!
    Nice session today over on the stream: iainsalterpoker

    We won 8 buy ins and are edging closer to moving up to 100nl in the $1k-$50k challenge! Come hang out as the challenge continues tonight at 9pm GMT over at

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    Hi iainsalterpoke, are you the streamer on TwitchTV? all the best with the goal btw

    Edited: Whoops, yerh I just saw the link to your Twitch haha
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    This is pretty cool. Where have you traveled and how goes the recent hustle?
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    Stay safe and have a blast!
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    Where have you traveled so far?

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