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Where to Play Daily Fantasy

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    Lightbulb Where to Play Daily Fantasy

    What is Daily Fantasy?

    The old style fantasy games were setup in a way that required season long commitments and would take a lot of time managing. Daily Fantasy is a unique spin on this. As the name suggests, instead of managing a team for an entire season, players can login and draft teams on a daily or weekly basis.

    Players pay a buy-in and draft a team. Each lineup has a salary cap which makes things more interesting and difficult. Each player drafted has a salary amount attached to them and a lineup can not exceed the total cap. This requires selecting a lineup that is well balanced based on the salary amounts. At the end of the week, the player who's drafted team scores the most points is the winner and takes the first place cash. Payouts are similar to online poker tournaments ranging from a large payout for first and paying around 20-30% of the field.

    Fantasy drafts are available for basically any sport and range in buy-ins from freerolls up to thousands of dollars. Let's look at some of the best websites.

    From Within the United States

    Opening Bonus: 100% up to $200
    Wager Requirement: 25x
    Release: $1 increments
    Expiration: Never

    Fan Duel accepts players from the United States and Canada, excluding the residents of seven states. Try your hand at NBA, NHL, MLB, NFL and NCAA basketball and football competitions. With the money back
    guarantee, you can get a refund on the first event you enter (up to $100) if it turns out that you dislike the gameplay experience. Be on the lookout for special Happy Hour contests Monday through Friday that feature added prizes or extra cash.

    You'll be rewarded with Fan Duel Points for every contest that you enter. You can use these points in place of cash to enter any game you wish. Additionally, there are four freerolls every month for players who have earned a certain number of points.

    Signup at Fan Duel ->

    Opening Bonus: n/a

    Players in 43 states and Washington DC have the ability to sign up at Draft Kings and enter contests costing from $0 to thousands of dollars to enter. You can draft teams for NFL, NBA, PGA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, Soccer, MMA, MLB, NCAA Football, NASCAR and even eSports. There's a robust satellite and steps system allowing you to enter for small sums and work your way up to larger events. Newbies to fantasy sports may wish to check out the special Beginner contests, which are only open to those who have entered 50 or fewer contests in a given sport.

    As you play, you'll accumulate Frequent Player Points that can be used on tickets to future contests, apparel and special Draft Kings-branded merchandise. The rewards include unique experiences that you can obtain nowhere else!

    Signup at Draft Kings ->
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    The idea is great, of course, too bad it's been a long time.
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    Totally agree with you. The idea is really interesting, but the branch is already outdated. Just because you left messages, I saw this thread

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