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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Daily Fantasy Commercial

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    Default Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Daily Fantasy Commercial

    This is one of the funniest "commercials" I've seen in awhile:

    Hey jocks, how does it feel to be a nerd's bitch?
    It's not gambling, it's playing a game where my cash winnings depend on the performance of professional athletes.

    Seriously, daily fantasy sports and online poker should be legal and regulated in the U.S. whether some define them as "gambling" or not.
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    per yoozh, gilfoyle delivers.
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    Lol, nailed it.

    Nailed all of gambling in general.

    You spend enough time at the casino and on the Jersey Turnpike, and you wonder how the fuck men ever fancied themselves as the calm, collected, rational sex.

    And that's how you drop a bomb on an FTR Commune thread before it even can get started.

    Discuss amongst yourselves, I'm out!

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