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Using HUD

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    i don't know if you use HUD or not. but if you want to know more about if you still don't know much about it go to YouTube and go to betondrew he has a video of poker tracker or HUD. he has a video of it about HUD
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    I check his videos, he use PT4 . its a good HUD&Database,just not for me. Just got back to poker after a long break... getting rusty and finding my HUD pretty out of date in just 2 months, just getting my gearing back.
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    this is really good, I'll try this HUD setup. thanks

    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerlife View Post
    they release an new tuturial video.

    a fast way to make a HUD. Honestly, the pop-up heatmap is one of the most helpful feature for me.
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    feelin' allright
    Quote Originally Posted by Gamerlife View Post
    Playing again after a long break
    What do you call a long break?

    Yesterday I played my first online game since black friday.

    Quote Originally Posted by givememyleg View Post
    i'll never understand how anyone can go through life being sober.
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    I like pokerstars too

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