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Tournament Advice - Part 2

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    Thumbs up Tournament Advice - Part 2

    The "stop-and-go" is a great move to carry out when you’re not in a strong position when the income of chips and ideas are scarce. This tactic involves calling a raise made by a player in late stages, especially if the player in question raises too often, and attempting all-in regardless of the flop.

    You're not going to call the bet before the flop in the hope that the flop improves your hand (if so, the better), but based on the fact that any two cards on the flop will bind only 1/3 of the time. A risky move? Definitely. A risky move even though the odds are on your side? Yes.

    You may adopt this tactic only when you’ve got enough chips to make the opponent call automatically,

    It's a great move to make with a small pair if you think an all-in before the flop would be called, for the simple fact that your opponent probably will not link anything on the flop and will therefore face a difficult decision if he wants see the last two cards. If the flop has made his hand a stronger one, then that means he would have called your all-in in pre-flop. This tactic gives you another chance of survival.
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    This is codshit. The stop and go is not a tactic I want to employ, it's a tactic that I want to exploit.

    Tell me how to exploit the stop and go please.
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    ongies gonna ong

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