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Standard Spots against Unknowns

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    Default Standard Spots against Unknowns

    Hand 1)

    Merge - $0.04 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players

    BB: $4.00
    UTG: $1.98
    CO: $1.80
    BTN: $1.40
    Hero (SB): $4.00

    Hero posts SB $0.02, BB posts BB $0.04

    Pre Flop: ($0.06) Hero has Ks Ah

    UTG calls $0.04, CO calls $0.04, fold, Hero raises to $0.24, fold, fold, CO calls $0.20

    Flop: ($0.56, 2 players) 2c Jd Td
    Hero ??

    Both villains have half stacks and are limping, so they're pretty much fish. Iso size pre? Now what on the flop? b/f seems bad. b/c seems marginal. Check/shove sounds tenable, but he's pretty much calling everything better, so it would be a value shove?

    Hand 2)

    Merge - $0.10 NL (6 max) - Holdem - 5 players

    CO: $4.41
    BTN: $10.00
    Hero (SB): $10.00
    BB: $10.25
    UTG: $10.25

    Hero posts SB $0.05, BB posts BB $0.10

    Pre Flop: ($0.15) Hero has 8c 7c

    fold, CO raises to $0.30, fold, Hero (SB) [calls $0.20 / Folds / 3b's]

    Like 4 hands in. The PFR is not bought in full and he's already limped a hand, so it's safe to assume he's a fish, but what kind, I have no idea. The BB left to act is a standard 10nl reg (aka, a nit).

    3b'ing seems bad since, on the whole, raises from unknown fish are going to be with hands they don't intend to fold preflop, and I have no idea how much pressure it will take to get him to fold postflop.

    As for flatting: since I have no idea how to exploit him with marginal hands and air, I kinda feel I'm just nut peddling a short stacker, which doesn't feel great.

    Folding seems weak when it only costs 2bb's to see a flop against a fish with a decent hand. Then again, I lean toward this because I like mid SCs because they give you so many options to have such a wide playbook on so many flops, but when I have no idea what types of plays exploit this player's style, then it's like lol who cares.
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    1) Check/fold vs 2 fish oop unless they make a really small bet.

    2) Fold as calling is bad here vs a short stack. If he had slightly more ($6-7) and we were BB I might call. I wouldn't 3bet.
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    Hand 1 is heads-up to the flop.
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    1) PRE: raise sizing is exactly what I'd do.
    OTF: C-bet $0.35-ish/fold is so obv for my style. Can't b/c since Villain is too short to pay off well if Hero binks a Q OTT.
    Then again, I C-bet a ton of flops, and nearly 100% when HU and I'm PFA. If you're going to try this, you must remember to slow play a lot of hands OTT, or you become supremely vulnerable to the float.

    2) PRE: fold, as SC's play pretty terribly OOP with no reads.
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    1 b/f .18
    2 3bing to .8 is cool
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    My problem with b/f is that we get shoved on a ton here, so it kinda feels like we're exploiting ourselves. Of course, I'm not gonna let stack sizes make it so that I don't have a b/f'ing range, but it seems like it's just pissing equity away with this particular hand.

    EDIT: Also, assuming we bet 1/2 PSB, we only need 36% equity to call, and I'm pretty sure we have 40%+ equity against his shoving range.
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    I don't see why we'd think CO is shoving anything but a strong hand as our only read is he's a passive donkfish. B/fing seems best but sizing is tough cuz we want to keep it small but small seems like were giving odds to draws.

    Just folding hand 2 cuzza what MMM said and stack size.
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