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    Need help finding an online poker coach, Been playing online for 5 years. cant get past that middle player hump. Any out there?
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    What games?
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    Why poker fucks with our heads: it's the master that beats you for bringing in the paper, then gives you a milkbone for peeing on the carpet.


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    Haha I'm gona start spelling Keith as GOD to make him edit my posts.
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    ongies gonna ong
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    I know a very good plo8 coach that has really reasonable rates. It seems like there are a lot of solid nlh players here that would probably coach you.
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    looking for sng or mtt coach something help me change up my style and game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rodward View Post
    looking for sng or mtt coach something help me change up my style and game.
    Whats your price range per hour? The coach I mentioned above teaches many mixed games if your looking to add some new games to your arsenal. I could find you a good nlh sng or mtt coach too although if you really look you could probably find a great player from here to coach you. Just hmu if you want some contact info to a coach.
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    Hey.. I am also learning poker with a software leak buster and my coach is John A. He is an amazing coach of poker and so much experienced. You can find him in pokerzion. His leak buster has changed my playing style.
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    You're better off getting coaching from a cash game professional than a sng/mtt player regardless of your games (I can explain more if necessary). Your criteria for this should be 1) someone who has good results on PokerStars over a significant sample size within the past year 2) someone who still plays in those games 3) someone who teaches in a very theoretical way with HH reviews. Live sweats are a waste of time and don't allow in depth discussion on particular spots due to other action going on.

    That is assuming you wish to actually better your understanding of poker and build a solid foundation to work in adjustments from.

    FWIW no GOOD sng player coaches period, unless you are part of a particular stable that has coaching and staking combined. You're best off just working things out with holdem resources calculator than you are paying someone to give you passive/half assed advice on what they 'feel' is the best play. If you want to beat sngs at mid-high stakes, you'll need to be able to win at mid-stakes cash, so you may as well start there.

    Good luck
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