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A newbies HH's

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    Default A newbies HH's

    Hi all, I'm really new here, and got a few HH's to show you guys if you don't mind giving me some advice on how I played them - and how I could improve. Cheers

    OldRust posts the small blind [$0.01].
    AdamThePirate posts the big blind [$0.02].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to AdamThePirate [ :As: :Ad: ]
    pete tino calls [$0.02]
    lulubzh folds
    nikolas22 folds
    TTR86519302 calls [$0.02]
    airlogs32 folds
    KERBERY calls [$0.02]
    OldRust raises [$0.11]
    AdamThePirate raises [$0.32]
    pete tino folds
    TTR86519302 folds
    KERBERY folds
    OldRust calls [$0.22]
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ , :Jc:, ]
    OldRust bets [$0.37]
    AdamThePirate raises [$1.66]
    OldRust calls [$1.29]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ :Qh: ]
    ** Dealing River ** [ :Th: ]


    xistenzrounin posts the small blind [$0.01].
    piloupilou33 posts the big blind [$0.02].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to AdamThePirate [ :Kc: :As: ]
    Chavess folds
    windybear folds
    benhuss folds
    AdamThePirate raises [$0.12]
    tjm2 folds
    CPR75875722 folds
    KERBERY folds
    Scrolling folds
    xistenzrounin folds
    piloupilou33 calls [$0.10]
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ , :Ad:, ]
    piloupilou33 checks
    AdamThePirate bets [$0.20]
    piloupilou33 calls [$0.20]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ ]
    piloupilou33 checks
    AdamThePirate bets [$0.45]
    piloupilou33 calls [$0.45]
    ** Dealing River ** [ ]
    piloupilou33 checks
    AdamThePirate bets [$1.33]
    piloupilou33 calls [$1.24]


    AdamThePirate posts the small blind [$0.01].
    tjm2 posts the big blind [$0.02].
    ** Dealing down cards **
    Dealt to AdamThePirate [ :Qs: :Qd: ]
    CPR75875722 folds
    KERBERY calls [$0.02]
    Scrolling folds
    xistenzrounin folds
    Chavess folds
    windybear folds
    benhuss folds
    AdamThePirate raises [$0.11]
    tjm2 calls [$0.10]
    KERBERY folds
    ** Dealing Flop ** [ :Kc:, :Jd:, ]
    AdamThePirate bets [$0.14]
    tjm2 calls [$0.14]
    ** Dealing Turn ** [ ]
    AdamThePirate checks
    tjm2 bets [$0.67]
    AdamThePirate folds
    tjm2 wins $1.19 from main pot


    Any advice here guys? Thanks! Adam
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    Preamble: Please use a hand converter and please include starting stacks. Oh, and I'm a beginner.

    Hand 1: Perfectly fine to me - when the money goes in you're a huge favourite 90-95% of the time.

    Hand 2: Good, but not great. On the flop the board is relatively dry (no / few draws) and you have top pair, top kicker (TPTK) which is a great hand. So betting is for value and to give draws a bad price. Turn completes some possible straights (JT), which would have needed to call a big bet ($0.20 into $0.25) taking a bad price. Continuing the betting to price out draws (straight and flush draws) is good. Someone could be sitting on Tc9c for example. On the river - at these low limits people call with all kinds of crap and don't always see that flushes or straights complete so it's possible your opponent played a T9 or J9 hand and will call a river bet - but IF HE WAS ANY GOOD he wouldn't and you'd only be called by a flush, straight or two pair hand. Thus, for lowest stakes - sometimes betting the river is profitable - but as your opponents get better this is a place where checking behind on the river is perhaps best. Or betting smaller. If you push you might create a situation where all the hands that you beat will fold and not pay you off, and the ones that beat you will call you and take your money - whereas if you bet smaller you'll still lose the same amount of times, just perhaps a smaller amount if only called - and if best you might get a call instead of a fold.

    Hand 3: Weak tight I think. Flop bet is a bit small ($0.14 into $0.26) - I'd have preferred something like $0.20. I think what happens here is this: You bet small on the flop, your opponent thinks you are weak - when the 4 comes on the turn he thinks to himself - did you play a 4? No, you raised preflop so you did not play a 4. This makes your hand most likely unimproved on the turn - so he can bet and make you fold the hand that you have told him is weak by 1) betting small on the flop and 2) checking the turn. His play is consistent with playing KK, JJ, 44 (slowplaying) and KJ - but these are a few hands and his play is also consistent with playing any hand with a K or a J or QT or AQ or AT. Your flop bet is small enough that all the hands you beat get a cheap enough price to come along and bluff you off the turn. If the flop bet had been bigger maybe the QT, AT, AQ and some J hands would fold and then you would either not see a turn bet, or if you saw a turn bet you would be much more likely to be beat and could make a good fold. In this hand I think because of the low flop bet and the checked turn you were likely folding the best hand.
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    all 3 hands are "standardish"

    only thing I'd change is make a much larger cbet on hand 3 (more like 20c), then either c/c or c/f turn

    Erpel made a very good reply.
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    1 is fine
    2 I check behind
    3 I call turn , c/f most rivers (absent a q, obv)

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