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[Freerolls] Want to Maximize Your Chances of Winning That Freeroll?

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    Default [Freerolls] Want to Maximize Your Chances of Winning That Freeroll?

    Hey guys,

    We know a lot of you are here because you love the freerolls and money-added tournaments that FlopTurnRiver has to offer. Not only do we want you to enjoy those events, we also want to help you maximize your chances of winning!

    This is why we're revamping the Beginner's Circle and Small Stakes NL Hold'em forums to make it easier for you to get the information you need to jump up to the next level.

    Once you win some money from these events, you're going to want to learn how to turn that into a bankroll that will provide you with a consistent return on your investment, and that's exactly what we're here to help you to. To help us help you, we need you to do three really easy things:

    1. Post in the Introductions Forum - This gives us an idea of who you are, what you're like and how much money you want to make with poker.

    2. Ask Some Questions in the Beginners Circle - Everyone has questions about poker, and this is where you're going to get answers. Nobody is going to judge you for asking! I promise you that we've all asked questions that seemed dumb before.

    3. Post Some Hands and Situations in the Small Stakes NL Forum - For advice on specific spots, the easiest way to do it is to just post the hand in the SSNL forum. You'll get feedback pretty quickly since that's a fairly busy forum. When you learn to play better, you learn to make more money, and that's what makes poker fun.

    Finally, if you have any questions, then don't feel intimidated. You can PM me directly. Just use this link and it will automatically let you type your message to me.
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    just play that freeroll like you playing the sunday million
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    Should be a warning for all new players. Freerolls are going to be some off the wall hands being played any 2 cards getting it all in the middle. Be prepared to play some Bingo poker. Happy Grinding
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    Default Freerolls

    I like to play freerolls, but you really need patience I have found. I like to only play solid hands and let the erratic players go to town getting knocked out. I have placed in some using this kind of theory "sit back and wait" for the good hands. I just fold, fold fold and wait for the hands to come to me. S
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    nice post, too bad most new players are not interested
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    Who said? I`m inteerested in all new information.. But I have no any questions yet..
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    Default free tokens

    Just trying to get tokens
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    Ohk. Thanks for the info about the freeroll. I am new here so i will surely gonna follow this tips. BTW I have one question. What are the basic steps to play the poker? I mean how to prepare for it.
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    Freerolls obv is opportunity, but in most cases a waste of time. Too many players, too long tourney, chances are low.
    I recommend to min-deposit instead.
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    But for beginners it's a good opportunity to understand, do you have enough skills to play real money poker.
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    Definitely agree it's better to grind out some freerolls and get some hands under your belt before you just start giving your hard earned money away.
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    so what about freerolls to sats and other things than $5-10 prizepool of 800players for a first place of $2-3 i am a experienced player and i play freerolls i mean back in the hayday of moneymaker boom chris fergison won $100k + one year on fererolls
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    I would like to know how can you tell if some one is slow playing a good hand online poker game?
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    I miss the time when you could make still some money with poker freeroll tournaments. Now there are always a hundred of players registered and when you make the first place you win 5$ Even if 95% have no clue how to player poker it is hard to win something in the freeroll tournaments. Thats my opinion.

    And it is a big difference between freerolls and at the normal tables with real money. Some people will maybe shocked if they play freerolls and after some normal tournaments.
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    Well, hope that freeroll helps me win the latest poker
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    this post is way back 2014, is it still applicable today?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insane_Homer View Post
    this post is way back 2014, is it still applicable today?
    Very little spoon posted isn't solid advice to this day, especially for people just getting into poker. The only things that may have changed are any population based reads. On FTR he's probably the person who's posts you should mine through and try and learn as much as possible.
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    I agree with you

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