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[FTR Quick Tip #008] Slowplaying Flopped Monsters

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    Arrow [FTR Quick Tip #008] Slowplaying Flopped Monsters

    Slowplaying allows you to get more value from your concealed monster hands. But slowplaying in the wrong situations can be very costly indeed. Use the ideas contained in this video to recognize the times when slowplaying is appropriate. When you're playing no limit Hold'em cash game tables, slowplaying is a powerful tool to have in your poker-playing arsenal.

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    Good video/article:

    Reasons to slow play:

    1. board is not drawy
    2. few scare cards
    3. keep fish still to act in the pot

    Reasons not to slow play:

    1. must start building small pot immediately
    2. many draws can complete moving villain ahead of us or scaring him off
    3. scare cards can come and kill action

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