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top set vs middle set

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    Default top set vs middle set

    Last night we were playing hold'em in our cash home game.

    I had 77 and the flop was K 7 low blank. I got it all in against 2 players who had AK and scooped a nice pot.

    Later we were talking about sets and my friend said she prefers top set to middle set. I told her I like middle set much better because it gives opponents a chance to have top pair. Sure, it isn't the nuts and sometimes you lose set over set but I think it is more profitable than top set in the long run because of all the times opponents pay you off with top pair.

    Do discussions like this come up in your home games?
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    I don't think we have too many theory discussions in my home games haha.

    As for this particular discussion. It probably depends a lot on a bunch of factors.

    If this is an LP vs blinds situation (hero in either spot) - then I'd prefer mid set on a (A/K/Q/J) high board, because people will have trouble folding top pairs. But if it's an 7 or 8 high board or something, I think I'd prefer just having top set and stacking the two lower sets.

    If this is LP (Hero) vs EP (Vill) I'd prefer to have top set, cause us playing back at villain looks strong given he's EP (ie: he can prob fold 1 pair) and also the % of times he has top set on A/K/Q/J high board is much higher.
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