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    Default slow roll

    Last night's home game. UTG and MP both have over 40 big blinds.

    UTG raises 3 big blinds.
    MP calls.

    Flop, turn and river
    Nothing special

    UTG says he missed, asks MP if he hit. MP says no so UTG flips over AK which is the nuts for not hitting. MP then says woops or something and flips over J6. The board had both a jack and a six.

    The crazy thing is I don't think MP was trying to be rude, he just wasn't paying attention.

    UTG seemed to take it pretty well, he didn't seem to go on tilt or anything. What techniques do you guys use to keep your emotions under control in spots like this?
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    It's at least 6-handed, and MP is calling a 3BB raise from UTG w/ J6.

    I don't care what he does as far as slow rolling is concerned.

    Don't tap the tank.
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    Yeah, utg was tapping the tank a little bit by complaining about the pre-flop J6 call. Still, his complaints were civil and it wasn't close to beratement.
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    The only thing that works for me is visualizing his face when I stack him later on.
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    Meh small checked down pot, where he let me get to showdown with AK high, I'm fine with that if it's cause he's not paying attention. Wouldn't do anything that would cause him to pay more attention in the future.

    It does annoy me quite a bit getting slowrolled on the river in a huge pot though. I wouldn't say it tilts me into bad decisions.. but it's just rude/annoying.
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    1) Anyone who plays higher stakes reports that showdown order isn't a big deal as you move up and it's only bushleague SSNLers who make a big stink about it. The quicker you show your cards, the less onlookers you have and the quicker even your opponent forgets what you showed. Plus, everyone sucks, and doesn't know how to use the information properly, etc etc. There are certainly situations where I hate to show, and in those situations it's tough to swallow your pride when the other person's being an ass and trying to angle his way into seeing your cards, but I have found that making a big stink out of it is a bad solution to a bad situation.

    2) Well, at least the guy followed showdown order, so while it's not polite, he's not WAY out of bounds.

    3) Given that he checked down all three streets in position and seemed sincere to everyone at the table, I am extremely inclined to believe that he misremembered his cards.

    I would not give this one a second thought.

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