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POFC variation for four players

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    Exclamation POFC variation for four players

    Ordinarily, POFC cannot be played with more than three players, because each player sees 5 + 3*4 = 17 cards, and 3*17 = 51. However, I have come up with a method that supports four players. It can be played with or without reshuffling the discards; when played without reshuffling, it permits additional leveling (i.e. players can try to sabotage each other by setting them up to receive unhelpful cards in the last pull or two).

    Simply put, the burned cards from each three-card pull are either: 1) set aside to be reshuffled as a new deck when the existing deck runs out, or 2) placed face-down on the bottom of the deck.

    Method 2 is the more devious variation, because each player can know who will be receiving their discards (and from whom they will receive their discards). Each player also has the benefit of knowing he or she will receive a card that they themselves discarded!

    The distribution of cards is as follows (assuming the button is on Player 4):

    In the first round of draws, each player receives three "fresh" cards (never before seen). The four discards are 1a, 2a, 3a, and 4a.

    In the second round of draws, each player receives three fresh cards. The four discards are 1b, 2b, 3b, and 4b.

    In the third round of draws, players 1 and 2 receive three fresh cards. Player 3 receives two fresh cards and the "recycled" discard 1a. Player 4 receives three discarded cards: 2a, 3a, and 4a (thus, player 4 receives his own first discard). The four discards are 1c, 2c, 3c, and 4c.

    In the fourth round of draws... Player 1 receives 1b, 2b, and 3b (receiving his own second discard), and discards 1d. Player 2 receives 4b, 1c, and 2c (receiving his own third discard), and discards 2d. Player 3 receives 3c, 4c, and 1d (receiving his own third discard), and discards 3d. Player 4 draws the remaining two cards, 2d and 3d.

    Player A pulled 9 fresh cards, and the second discards of players A, B, and C. (No interaction with player D.)

    Player B pulled 9 fresh cards, and the second discard of player D, and the third discards of players A and B. (No interaction with player C.)

    Player C pulled 8 fresh cards, the first discard of player A, the third discards of players C and D, and the fourth discard of player A. (No interaction with player B.)

    Player D pulled 6 fresh cards, the first discards of players B, C, and D, and the fourth discards of players B and C. (No interaction with player A.)

    Because of the unevenness of the situation -- both the number fresh cards vs. recycled cards received, and the fact that player D sees 5+11 cards instead of the typical 5+12 cards -- I recommend this game be played in multiples of four rounds.

    So........ any lab rats want to beta test this variation among their local OFC enthusiasts, and let me know how it's received?
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    Sounds interesting. Would like to play this variation to test it out.
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    Very interesting! I'd like to try this out too.
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    Interesting. I wonder if they would consider something like this in Vegas.
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    By the way, for an even simpler variation, you put your discard on TOP of the deck (so it goes to the next player) rather than on the BOTTOM of the deck. This reduces the interaction and leveling (you're only SURE to be affecting the next player).

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