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Open Face Chinese Odds Charts

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    Puppymint Guest

    Default Open Face Chinese Odds Charts

    Hello folks,

    I run a website dedicated to Open Face Chinese Poker called Open Face Odds. Just finished a chart that gives odds for every situation after the deal in a 4-handed game. Here is the link if you are interested:

    There are several other charts on the site at the moment, a HU outs chart and a runner-runner flush draw chart, among others. I know everyone and their brother is working on the perfect odds calculator, but I find it super useful just to have the charts open on a browser window while I'm playing. I have also referred to them while writing strategy posts when I needed some math facts.

    IMO calculators and simulators can be great tools for improving your game, but I've always wondered - doesn't it take a long time to punch in all the situations and cards into a calculator while you're playing? Not to mention opponents' cards? That's why I am creating a set of charts for quick-reference while playing online, and I also feel the more you get to know your situations, the better served your live game will be as well.

    Enjoy! I am always open to criticism of the chart math. I made a mistake in this chart and a poster on another forum caught it for me -- so feel free to double check it if you feel so moved!
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    Thanks, Ben. These charts are cool.

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