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Omaha Digest: Helpful Topics

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    Default Omaha Digest: Helpful Topics

    Here are links to the most helpful and popular articles written by our own forum members for players of Omaha. If you see other great posts in this forum that you feel should be included in this collection, please link to them in a reply below.

    General – Getting started in Omaha

    PL Omaha High by salsa4ever
    10 PLO Hands From Salsa4ever by salsa4ever by salsa4ever by bigspenda73 by bigspenda73 by bigspenda73 by salsa4ever and Fnord

    PL Omaha 8 (Hi-Lo) - counterfitting lows – playing the nut naked low on lows and low draws by Pelion and others

    Tools - Serious tools for serious players
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