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Notification system for OFC

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    Default Notification system for OFC

    What can be done to notify other players when someone is joining a game?

    This is way too typical:

    Player 1 starts new game.
    Player 1 waits 5-10 mins looking at a blank screen. Gets bored.
    Player 1 goes off and starts a game with the bot.

    Player 2 joins 11 minutes later and waits 3 minutes looking at a blank screen wondering where player 1 is. Gets bored, leaves (Possibly opening his own game).

    Player 1 checks his game 14 minutes later sees Player 2 is "waiting" and starts game.

    Player 2 times out because he's already left the room to find something to do. (Player 1 possibly chases Player 2 to the other game he started, but Player 2 got bored there while waiting for the first game to timeout, so he's not there, either. Probably off in the forum posting a complaint about not having a notification system....)

    This has happens to me at least 4 times as often as actually getting to play a game. I've started dozens of games and almost never get the other player in the room with me at the same time.

    I've even posted notes telling the other player to send me a message in the Bot game, but no-one does.

    There's got to be a better way. The internet is the antithisis of patience, so expecting the players to wait up to 20 mins staring at a blank screen should not be the solution to anything.

    They have messages about tourneys autopost in your rooms against the bot, could a message about someone joining a game you started do that? A page button? Sends "Someone in Room xxxxx is Paging you" to all games you're in....

    Could we have an option to play against a bot until a real player shows up?

    As an absolute bare minimum, there needs to be a way to delete an open game that you've started so when you get bored, the open game isn't sitting there as a trap for other players.
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    I COMPLETELY agree!
    If you start a game and get no takers after a reasonable amount of waiting then you should be able to at least close that table immediately by logging out. That way, nobody will "join" a dead table after you've given up. Also, I try to leave a chat message before leaving to let someone know I've left...
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    I'll ask our programmer.

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