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2-7 rethinking

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    Default 2-7 rethinking

    I'm sorry, but there's a guy at my table who makes me question the whole concept.

    -he plays every hand. this is not an exaggeration. he limps every single hand and calls any raise before first draw. I have seen him call a raise and then draw 5.
    -he will call behind with a Q after the third draw. that is not an exaggeration; he paid money to show a Q8
    -after salivating over his asshataments, I finally got into a big hand with him and he showed number one. whatev.

    last, but not least:
    instand hand history indicates he drags almost 40% of the pots, and he is up 20 big bets in the twenty minutes i've been sitting.
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    I really really wasnt joking about the varience nor the small edges.
    Field mice are fast, but owls can see in the dark.
    <Bbickes> i still wanna know if the thing in your avatar is a real chick or not
    <Bbickes> or am i e-crushing a dude
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    It's just a fun game, not one you can expect to make tremendous amounts of money playing.
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    surely there is money to be made in this game, for the very that that guy, and most others playing it, are crazy.

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