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£1/£1 4am-8am Friday Morning

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    Default £1/£1 4am-8am Friday Morning

    Killed a few hours at the Old Vic waiting for the first train home this week after a few too many pints. Not played live for ages and don't do so well when I do, so I wanted to check my lines here are okay given the conditions. More specifically, I have close to no experience in terms of the SPR being really low when going multi-way against live players. My standard is to assume it plays like 2nl online - thoughts?

    Game is £1/£1 NLHE, only decent player is in the next seat to me with position but he seems to be avoiding me and not involved in these hands. Others are foreign taxi driver types and casino degens i.e. standard live loose passives. Effective stacks £100, 8 or 9 handed.

    1) Iso Ajcc in CO for £9 and get called by BB and open limper. Flop comes Jxx mono diamonds. Open limper leads for £5, I raise to £30 and both BB and open limper call. Turn is a brick and I jam half pot versus checks.

    2) Iso Akdd on button to £11 and get 2 callers. Cbet £25 Axx rainbow with bdfd and get caller in BB (same player as hand 1). Jam close to pot on Qd turn.

    3) Open MP for £6 with KJhh. New player on button calls and BB calls. I bet £12 on J85ss flop and button calls. £25 on 5d paired turn, and check call £20 on low, non-spade rvr.

    4) I iso CO for £9 with Kqss and get 5 callers. Cbet £30 on Q8Xdd and get 2 callers. Jam £60 low, non-diamond turn.
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    assuming this is the UK, printing money in each hand based on how our games play live.

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