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PokerStars Marketing Code

PokerStars is the largest online poker room on the internet. FTR has teamed up with PokerStars to offer exclusive bonuses on top of their already superb $600 bonus and VIP Club. You can activate these special offers by using the marketing code FlopTurnRiver, which is explained below.

How to Enter the PokerStars Marketing Code “FlopTurnRiver”

When creating a new account, the second page of the account creation process will ask “How did you hear about PokerStars?” This is where you click on “Choose Source” and select from the menu “Marketing Code (if available).” In the “Marketing Code” box that appears, enter FlopTurnRiver. This is shown below:

How to Enter the PokerStars Marketing Code "FlopTurnRiver"

How to Enter the PokerStars Marketing Code “FlopTurnRiver”

Using our PokerStars marketing code will give you access to $500 in monthly events, freerolls, money added events, and more! These extra benefits are described below.

Exclusive FTR PokerStars Bonus Offer

Using the FlopTurnRiver marketing code won’t be wasted. By using our code and signing up through FTR, you will receive the following benefits:

100% up to $600 Maximum Deposit Bonus

You still receive perhaps the best online poker bonus around, at the max amount of 100% up to $600. This is activated with the PokerStars bonus code STARS600 (described below).

FTR Monthly $250 Freeroll

On the 14th of each month, our $250 freeroll is held. This event is exclusively for FTR direct signup members and is not password protected. This means it is ticket based so you won’t have to wade through thousands of players to win some cash. The only requirement is you must earn a minimum of 250 VPPs the previous month to qualify.

FTR Stars 250: $250 Money Added Event

On the 30th of each month, we hold a $3.30 buy-in event which has $250 added to the prize pool. This means if there are 50 players registered, the $150 prize pool becomes $400! This is ran each month and the password is only for FTR members. There are no VPP or playing requirements to qualify each month.

See Our Forum

For more details, passwords, and to see upcoming events, see our FTR Exclusive Events & Offers subforum.

PokerStars Sign Up Guidelines

Use this PokerStars link to snag their free poker download. This will bring you to the PokerStars website and right on the homepage you can click on the “Play Poker Now!” banner. The file itself is just over 25MB, so it should be sitting on your hard drive in no time. It should take a max of 30 seconds to download on a good connection.

Once downloaded, the software will walk you through installation, courtesy of the setup wizard. A few clicks is all it takes to wrap up the process. Once installed, you can select to launch Poker Stars. After opening, you will need to create your account. This can be done a few different ways, including accessing the “Account” menu and the large “Log In” button.

On the ‘Create Your PokerStars Account’ screen that appears, choose a screen name, password, and enter your email. Once done with that, you will see a drop down box that says, “How did you hear about PokerStars?” As previously explained, this is where you enter the PokerStars Marketing Code FlopTurnRiver. (See the screen shot above.)

Congratulations! You’re now a member of PokerStars, one of the premier poker communities on the internet. You’ll need to validate your e-mail address, so PokerStars can be sure you’re account is genuine. This is accomplished by checking your e-mail for the address you registered with. It should say what your code is at the top of the e-mail. Copy this code and select Account – Validate Email Address in the PokerStars lobby. Enter the code, click OK, and you’re set to play!

If you’re ready to hit the tables, you’ll need to make a quick stop at the Cashier. Here you can load up your bankroll with one of the several depositing avenues available to you. For most users, Visa and Mastercard transactions will be the most convenient. The transactions are instantaneous, allowing you to play in a matter of moments.

PokerStars Bonus Code “STARS600”

As mentioned earlier, the $600 bonus is activated upon entering the PokerStars bonus code STARS600 when making a deposit, as shown below:

PokerStars Bonus Code: STARS600

PokerStars Bonus Code: STARS600

Play Now at PokerStars!

Now it the time to start your poker journey! Visit now and perhaps you may become to next poker champion!

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