Can I Play Online Poker from Pennsylvania?

Yes! While there has not been any legislation or major discussion on state regulated online poker in Pennsylvania, residents can still play online poker. You can see our top US friendly poker rooms above.

Pennsylvania Online Poker Summary

With the future of online poker in the United States up in the air there has been a lot of talk recently about intrastate regulation of the game. A handful of states have already attempted to pass legislation allowing the members of their own state to play against one another legally online. Since the April 15th crackdown by the FBI it appears more and more likely that in order for Americans to play online they will need their states to either opt in to national legislation or create some of their own. The problem with intrastate legislation is it may not be a viable option for smaller states. However, for bigger states such as Pennsylvania, there could be enough players to support Pennsylvania Online Poker.

Pennsylvania does not have a rich gaming history. Casino gambling laws were not passed until 2006 leaving the northern state somewhat behind the curve. However, the state quickly saw a nice boost to its economy and has enjoyed steady growth ever since. Earlier this year the state recorded nearly $200,000,000 in slot revenues in February alone. There are currently 10 casinos in Pennsylvania including Parx Casino just 20 miles Northeast of Philadelphia. It seems this unexpected rapid growth has analysts all over proclaiming Pennsylvania the future Mecca of East Coast gambling. As this part of their economy grows it should certainly help intrastate online gambling to follow. With the United States still in a down economy states should be looking for any ways to boost their revenues including implementing Pennsylvania Online Poker.

The question becomes how friendly is the state to Pennsylvania online poker? Unlike a lot of southern states the existence of casinos is a great sign for the future. Because the state recognizes the potential for earnings through jobs, taxes, and other avenues they should be open to online gambling as well. Adding to this, back in 2009 there was an important court case in Pennsylvania in which Judge Thomas James ruled poker to be a game of skill, not luck. This was a big win for poker supporters as the game has unfortunately been lumped in with casino games for far too long. James stated, “Using the predominance test, in conjunction with analyzing skill versus chance using the four prong factor test, it is apparent that skill predominates over chance in Texas Hold’em poker.” He also went on to add, “It is not ‘unlawful gambling’ under the Pennsylvania crimes code,” which was a big win for the online poker activists. It seems the lawmakers and judges in Pennsylvania certainly look favorably upon games which require skill and those bringing extra revenue to the state.

With more than 12,000,000 current residents the state of seems prime for Pennsylvania online poker. Smaller states will have issues providing enough competition both for the players as well as poker rooms. However, larger states will be able to support multiple card rooms which should remove the worry of online monopolies. Being the 6th largest state in the nation should allow Pennsylvania to thrive if intrastate poker legislation happens in the future. There is still a lot to happen before anything is set in stone but those who live in Pennsylvania have a lot to be optimistic about when it comes to Pennsylvania Online poker.

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The laws are constantly changing in the US when it comes to online poker and online gambling. We do our best to keep you up to date on news and poker rooms offered within the United States. Click on a state above to see legal updates and to find which online poker rooms are available for you to play.

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