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Party Poker Bonus Code

Activating Your Party Poker Bonus Code

Where to input the PartyPoker Bonus Code

Where to input the PartyPoker Bonus Code

Party Poker is one of the world’s biggest online poker sites and also offers casino games and sportsbetting. was once the biggest online poker room, but since the 2006 UIGEA legislation it has fallen behind other sites like FullTilt and PokerStars. Nevertheless, it remains a great place to play, and you can enter the Party Poker Bonus Code FTR500 when creating your new account to get started with some free bonus funds. See the above screenshot, which shows where to enter your Party Poker bonus code.

100% up to $500 Deposit Bonus

If you’re looking to make a deposit, FTR players can receive a 100% up to $500 deposit bonus. Make sure to enter the Party Poker bonus code FTR500 when creating your account to qualify. Party normally offers just $20 free, so this exclusive bonus 25x the standard offer! Any deposit made will be matched, up to $500.

Earning Points and Clearing Bonuses

Whether you play Cash Games or Tournaments, Party Points are earned at the same rate – 2 Points for every $1 in rake paid.

Party Poker has 5% rake for Cash Game tables, which is fairly standard for the industry as a whole, however, their Tournament rake percentages can be quite high sometimes, in some cases even reaching up to 20% of the buy-in.

Players are required to earn 8 points per bonus dollar. The bonus is released in increments of $5, or every time you collect 40 points. In all, the full $500 requires a total of 4,000 points, which is fairly easy compared to other rooms. The bonus must be cleared within 120 days, so you have plenty of time.

Overall this bonus works out to 25% cashback since you will pay ~$2,000 in rake for the $500.

Note: Party also offers the bonus is multiple currencies. These clear are slightly different rates: £500 bonus cleared at 12 points per bonus dollar, €500 bonus clearing at 10 points per bonus dollar.

VIP Program

Recently, Party Poker have revamped their Loyalty Program, making it much easier for players to reach all of their VIP Levels. Let’s take a look at the changes for each VIP Level:


Bronze Level is automatically awarded to all players who register at Party Poker and doesn’t require players to earn any points to achieve. This is likely why this is the only VIP Level that has remained unchanged.

Bronze Level doesn’t offer players much of anything. Rakeback at this level is equal to 0% and the only reward available is the Weekly Bronze Loyalty tournament.


Fortunately, it doesn’t take much to jump from Bronze to Silver Level. Silver has undergone the most significant reduction in points needed to earn the level. Previously, players were required to earn 400 Party Point every month to achieve and maintain this status. That’s $800 in rake! Now it down to just 50 points, which means that players need to pay just $100 in rake to get Silver Level!

While Silver Level offers some rewards in the form of Tournament Tickets, which players can purchase through the Party Store, the rakeback value equivalent still amounts to only 5.33%.


Gold Level requirements have dropped from 1,000 Party Points per month needed to achieve and maintain this level to 750 Points per month. While this may look like a small drop compared to Silver Level, it’s still a 25% reduction, amounting to $500 less that players have to pay in rake to achieve this level.

Gold Level offers players the first glimpse at somewhat significant rewards. Gold VIP’s can buy Tournament Tickets worth up to $500 and Cash Rewards up to $100. The maximum amount of rakeback players can achieve at this level is 13.33%.


The highest VIP Level at Party Poker has changed significantly in the way that it is now a monthly rather than a quarterly Level, just like the others. Previously, reaching Palladium Level required players to earn 9,000 Party Points every 4 months to achieve and maintain this level. Now it’s 2,000 Points per month. Overall, that’s a reduction of 1,000 Points.

Palladium Level VIP’s can buy all the available Tournament Tickets from the Party Store as well as get Cash Rewards up to $1,000. The rakeback value of being a Palladium VIP is equal to 22.22%.

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