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Intertops Poker Bonus Code

Intertops Poker Bonus

Entering the Intertops Bonus Code

Entering the Intertops Bonus Code

Players looking for a new place to play with great promotions should check out Intertops Poker! By using FTR’s exclusive links, you’ll qualify for 36% rakeback as well as a nice welcome bonus. In order to take advantage of the welcome bonus and the frequent reloads on offer at Intertops, you’ll have to open up the cashier in the poker software. You will then need to make your deposit, click on “Bonus Code” and enter your code. You must perform this action within 24 hours of making your deposit or you’ll lose the opportunity to receive a bonus with that deposit.

Welcome Bonus: 200% up to $1,000

Create your account using our links, and input the bonus code 1000ITP immediately after making your first deposit to get a bonus of 200% up to $1,000. Although this is a standard welcome bonus offer, it’s important to sign up through us so that you can get 36% rakeback applied to your account.

From there, earning your bonus is simple. The bonus itself will be released into your real money account in $5 increments. For every 83.335 frequent player points (FPPs) one earns, he/she will receive $5 in real money! Unlock the entire $1,000 bonus by collecting 16,667 FPPs.

Your bonus will expire in 90 days, and any remaining portions will be forfeit. Play as much as you can within your first three months at InterTops to build your bankroll with this fine bonus offer.

Intertops Poker Bonus Clearing

To earn FPPs, players have to pay rake or fees in real money cash games, tournaments, and/or SNGs. For every $1 a player pays in tournament fees he/she will receive 3.5 FPPs. For every $1 a table pays in rake, each player will earn 0.5 FPPs. Note that the formula used to assign cash game rake and FPPs earnings is unusual and your actual rate of FPP accumulation will vary significantly based upon the size of your tables and your gameplay style.

Earn 16,667 FPPs by paying $4,762 in tournament fees to clear the whole $1,000 bonus, which pays out in portions of $5 every 83.335 FPPs. This works out to a rate of 21% value back. The rates for cash games are highly variable, as discussed above, but should average around the same amount.

As a rakeback player, you’re only earning half the bonus cashback as normal players would. But don’t be deceived – you’re much better off than they are. With 36% rakeback provided through FlopTurnRiver’s exclusive deal combined with the 21% bonus clearing rate, you’ll be achieving an effective total of 57% rakeback equivalent while clearing your bonus. This is significantly better than the 42% bonus clearing rate achieved by those who lack RB.

36% rakeback is paid once a day to your player account. Rakeback is paid in $10 installments, meaning if you make enough rake to get $23 in rakeback, then $20 ($10×2) will be paid out the next day and $3 will go on until the next $10 installment is due.

Playing 1,588 $30 + $3 tournaments should suffice to fulfill the playthrough requirements for the max $1,000 bonus. Cash game grinders can play around 125K hands of 50NL 6max to earn their bonuses. Take a glance at the chart to the right of this page to get an idea of how fast or slow your bonus will clear at your favorite types of poker games. Be aware, however, that these numbers will not be 100% reliable because of the unusual methodology employed by Intertops when calculating cash game FPP accrual.

Whether you’re a serious aspiring pro or someone who just plays every once in a while to relax, you’ll derive great benefits from our Intertops Poker RB + bonus deal. Earning less than $25 in rake should be good enough to receive at least one portion of this bonus, and you’ll have 90 days to do so. Thus, even the most lackadaisical and smallest-stakes players should see some benefit from the 1000ITP bonus.

Loyalty Levels

While bonuses are nice, they’re not the be-all and end-all of Intertops’ rewards. By earning FPPs through your poker play, you’ll start moving up the levels in the loyalty program. At every level, from 1 to 50, you’ll have an FPP target to achieve to complete a tier of rewards. Once you hit the target, you’ll receive a stated payout, which will be higher if you can complete the objective within six days. It will be higher still if you can do it in three days or fewer.

Although the initial rewards are minuscule, at the higher stages of the Loyalty Levels program, you can receive payments in excess of $100 and achieve returns as high as 24%. This is on top of the 36% rakeback you’ll get by using our links and the 21% of any bonuses you have active.

That’s not all either. There are gold cards, gold chips and other components to round out Intertops’ promotions scheme. Although these are mostly not as valuable as bonus, rakeback or Loyalty Levels awards, every little bit helps when you’re trying to maximize your expected value.

Take the plunge today and sign up at Intertops poker with our links below. Your bankroll will thank you.


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