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Club WPT is no longer operational. If you're looking to play online poker from the United States, we recommend Bovada Poker. All links will redirect to Bovada.

Getting the ClubWPT client up and running is a very swift experience. Actually playing in anything more than the $10 Opens is a little tricker, but the small download and install will be completed in a matter of minutes.

It should be noted that Mac users have very few options when it comes to the Club WPT download. There’s no Mac compatible version and no instant play client. If you desperately want to get it running on your machine, Windows emulation is the only option. Helpfully, after you’ve signed up for a ClubWPT account, their website detects if you have a Mac and displays a message more or less telling you to go away and buy a PC.

Lucky Windows users can boot up the software to their heart’s content and have a functional, if not exciting client to look forward to. There are no real money cash games on ClubWPT, so naturally the focus is on tournaments. Big buttons distinguish between MTTs and SnG, with the ambiguous ‘Games’ section containing only play money ring tables.

Otherwise, the Club WPT download appears much like any other. There’s a list of events with their cost in Tournament Points displayed by the side, along with the number of entrants and the status of the event. Players can play up to three tables at once and over time can enter as many contests as the TPs will allow.

A column of conveniently located buttons can launch you straight into specific areas of the client like My Account and Support. There are also a huge list of customizable options. If there’s something you don’t like about the way the client looks or the software behaves at the tables, chances are it can be tweaked to your liking.

The tables themselves are set against the backdrop of a live WPT final table, although with considerably less glitz and glamour. The cards and chips are displayed clearly, so you should have no trouble following the action. Your bet amount is controlled by a slider, squashed in with all the other action buttons in an ugly fashion.

Every table can be resized manually or converted to a mini-view. The primary use for this is to help while multi-tabling, but as ClubWPT is tournament focussed and only allows for a maximum of three open tables at a time, this isn’t going to be especially useful. There’s also a text hand history reader you can pop up at any time to quickly relive past pots and a stats section that records your progress over time.

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