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bet365 Poker Loyalty Bonus (VIP Scheme)

bet365 Loyalty Bonus Introduction

bet365 has greatly increased their traffic and action as a result from their merge with the iPoker network. Along with their traffic and action, their bonuses and promotions have been pumped up to satisfy their loyal players even more! It may not be one of the most well known poker rooms, but it certainly has been packed full of cool features in a solid software package.

The poker room DOES NOT offer or allow any kind of Bet365 Poker rakeback. However, the bet365Poker VIP Scheme has been implemented to reward loyal players.

Immediately after signing up at bet365, players are enrolled in what’s called the exclusive bet365 VIP Scheme. With this, players are rewarded for their frequent play by offering a number of cool benefits. Included in these benefits are monthly cash rewards, bonuses that must be cleared, and tournament tokens. There is no special process to get started. Simply sign up at bet365, begin earning Merit Points, and you will achieve the beginning Bronze level when you hit 1,000 Merit Points.

bet365 treats their VIP program as if it were a school that requires graduating. There are four different plateaus you can reach on bet365 poker. Bet365 offers increased bonuses depending on how high your VIP level is. The levels in order of lowest to highest are Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

bet365 Poker VIP Levels

Here is a breakdown of all the levels shown above:

VIP 1 – Bronze
Simply by earning 1,000 Merit Points per month (rake $66.67), you’ll achieve Bronze level in the VIP Scheme. Bronze VIP players are awarded with potential €75 cash, €50 in tournament tickets, and €150 in bonuses as long as they have the required number of Merit Points. Whether you are new and just starting out, or a seasoned poker player who chose to switch to bet365 from another room, you’ll have no problem progressing through these VIP levels, especially with all of their support and guidance.

VIP 2 – Silver
The Silver level is where players really begin to get rewarded. Players that put in hours can get up to €500 at a time by trading in their Merit Points. Tournament players who have maintained the Silver level for at least three months can trade in Merit Points and receive up to €150 in tournament cash. The largest bonus available in the Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme to Silver players is an even €1,000. It only takes 5,000 Merit Points per month to reach the Silver level.

VIP 3 – Gold
Players who earn 10,000 Merit Points per month are promoted to the Gold VIP Level. These players are eligible for a €2,000 reward which costs 200,000 in Merit Points. Additionally, players that hold onto the Gold VIP Level for three straight months or more can trade in their Merit Points for up to €200 in tournament cash and €4,000 in pending bonus.

VIP 4 – Platinum
Platinum members have access to all the rewards bet365 Poker has to offer. They can trade in 375,000 Merit Points for a €3,750 lump sum of money. They can instead purchase the largest bonus of €7,500 for 375,000 points. Platinum players can take advantage of the same €200 in tournament tokens as Gold players. Loyal players who are able to hold onto their Platinum status for an entire 6 months are rewarded with an instant €500 reward. However, this task is no picnic; Platinum players are required to clear 25,000 Merit Points per month.

Climbing the Ranks and Earning Merit Points

bet365 Poker will review the VIP levels of all their players on the first of every month. They take into account the amount of Merit Points that were accumulated over the course of the previous month. You earn Merit Points at the rate of 15 for every €1 or £1 in rake or tournament fees paid.

Unfortunately, players must maintain a certain level for at least three straight months before being able to avail themselves of the rewards appertaining to that level. There are three types of rewards available at Bet365: Cash Rewards, Bonus Rewards, and Tournament Token Rewards. During a single calendar month, players can only claim either one Cash Reward or one Bonus Reward along with one Tournament Token Reward. In order to receive a reward, players must pay the corresponding number of Merit Points from their accounts.

The best Loyalty Points conversion rate can be achieved by selecting the Bonus Rewards. However, you still need to earn the bonus by accumulating 15 times the bonus amount in Merit Points. The second best rates are achieved by purchasing the Cash Rewards, which have no clearing requirements. The Tournament Tokens represent the worst value in the Bet365 Poker VIP Scheme.

Using Merit Points

Because you can only earn one tournament token payout per month along with either a cash reward or a bonus reward, it’s important to choose the options that will give you the greatest return. We’ve therefore prepared three handy charts listing everything that you can exchange your Merit Points for depending on your VIP level.

Cash Rewards Based on VIP Scheme Level and Merit Points:


Required VIP Level Merit Points Reward Value per MP Rake/Fees Paid Return
Bronze 7,500 €75 €0.01 €500.00 15.00%
Silver 20,000 €200 €0.01 €1,333.33 15.00%
Silver 50,000 €500 €0.01 €3,333.33 15.00%
Gold 100,000 €1,000 €0.01 €6,666.67 15.00%
Gold 200,000 €2,000 €0.01 €13,333.33 15.00%
Platinum 375,000 €3,750 €0.01 €25,000.00 15.00%


Bonus Rewards Based on VIP Scheme Level and Merit Points:

Required VIP Level Merit Points Reward Value per MP Rake/Fees Paid Return
Bronze 7,500 €150 €0.02 €500.00 30.00%
Silver 20,000 €400 €0.02 €1,333.33 30.00%
Silver 50,000 €1,000 €0.02 €3,333.33 30.00%
Gold 100,000 €2,000 €0.02 €6,666.67 30.00%
Gold 200,000 €4,000 €0.02 €13,333.33 30.00%
Platinum 375,000 €7,500 €0.02 €25,000.00 30.00%


Tournament Tokens Rewards based on VIP Scheme Level and Merit Points:

Required VIP Level Merit Points Reward Value per MP Rake/Fees Paid Return
Bronze 6,250 €50 €0.008 €416.67 12.00%
Silver 9,375 €75 €0.008 €625.00 12.00%
Silver 18,750 €150 €0.008 €1,250.00 12.00%
Gold 25,000 €200 €0.008 €1,666.67 12.00%


In addition to the rewards listed above, players who can maintain Platinum status for six straight months will qualify for a €500 loyalty bonus without having to spend any Merit Points.

Premium Tables

Bet365 operates special Premium Tables. These tables are exclusive to Bet365 players and do not share the player pool with the rest of the iPoker network. When playing on Premium Tables, you’ll be earning double the normal rate of Merit Points. This means that the value of all your rewards will be effectively doubled!

Cashback Equivalence

Unlike at most competing poker sites, the VIP Scheme offers approximately the same cashback equivalent regardless of level. By fully taking advantage of the Bonus Rewards on offer, players can achieve a cashback total of 30%. The Cash Rewards offer half as much value – 15% – but with the benefit of not having to be further cleared. Tournament tokens offer a paltry 12% return, so most players should stay away from them.

By earning a minimum of 25,000 points per month for six straight months, players at the Platinum level can get a free €500 cash payment. In the process of doing so, they will pay at least €10,000 in rake, making the Loyalty Reward worth 5% in value back, bumping the total rewards available for Platinum up to 35%.

As we have noted, playing on Bet365’s exclusive Premium Tables will effectively double your rate of earning rewards. This means that Platinum players who maintain their status for many months in a row can earn up to 70% cashback on their play at these special tables!

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