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Hand of the Week 4A (6 Max, 88 in HJ)

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In the next hand of the week series, Courtney looks at a 6 Max hand from 2 players. First, we start with 88 in HJ. Once getting to the river, Courtney asks the question – How much should Player 1 raise on the river?

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Full Transcript

Hey guys this is donkbee from Flop Turn River. I have another hand here and once again I’m going to break it up into two parts. Part one, which is this video, we’ll talk about the hand from player one’s point of view and part two the next video, we’ll talk about the hand from player two’s point of view. I also wanted to let you know that this is a six Max hand history so the table looks a little weird; this is just how six Max looks like in Universal Replayer. Let’s get started. Player one has eights and the high jack, he min-raises, a little over min, and folds to the player two who three bets and then it folds back to player one.

At this point player one has to decide whether he’s going to raise again or just call. He can’t really fold. In case you’re wondering, that’s not really an option unless we have a super sick read on player two. For the sake of argument, we’re not going to have that read this time. Actually, if I don’t have any reads at all, usually I’m just flatting this and going to a flop. Four-betting is okay though and if you do four-bet you need to decide whether you’re going to four-bet call or whether you’re just going to jam right here. Personally, if I’m choosing between those two options, I’m going to four-bet call.

As played, player one decided to flat and we were off to a flop. Player two decided to make a really small C-bet, so player one just called. Player two checked the turn. Player one checked behind. Then on the river, player two decided to make a strange small bet here. The river does complete a flush, but we’re not really worried about that. We have a straight so we need to get as much value as possible which means that we need to be raising here. The question is: how much should we raise? I’m actually going to leave that question to you. I’m going to stop my analysis and ask you how much do you think player one should raise? When you think about that definitely keep in mind stack sizes and also the line player two took.

Please leave your comments in the forums and we will continue to the discussion there. That’s it for part one, be sure to check back soon for part two and that’s when we’ll find out what player two has. Until then, thanks for watching.

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