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Hand of the Week 3B (QJs on the Button)

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Continuing from Part I, we now look at the hand from the Button’s perspective with QJs. How do you think the BB played with KQs v the Button with QJs?

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Full Transcript

Hey guys, this is donkbee from Flop Turn River. This video is part two of two videos where the big blind has king, queen suited and he three-rep pre-flopped. This is where we left off last time and I mentioned that during part two we were going to look at the hand from the button’s perspective. Let’s start all over again. As you can see the button has queen, jack suited. It’s going to fold to him, he’s going to raise, he’s going to get three-bet and now he’s going to call. That seems fine. Flop comes jack high and he actually raises the C-bet really big.

I don’t like this at all. I would rather actually flat and I have a few reasons. The first reason, the biggest reason is that raising causing worse hands to fold. That means we can’t get value from worse hands on future straights. If we just flatted, there’s a chance that worse hands might bluff on future straights or they might check. We might be able to bet and get called by them. I’d just rather flat and be able to get more value on the turn and on the river. The other reason I don’t like raising is that we really hate our life if we’re three-bet, so if it goes C-bet, we raise and then big blind comes over the top.

We just really, really don’t like our hand anymore; it’s a really bad spot so we’d like to try to avoid that. The last reason I don’t like raising is that it’s really awkward if we’re just flatted by the big blind. If you just calls, we don’t really know what to do on the turn and the river. Stacks all of a sudden become really awkward and we don’t even know if we have the best hand anymore. I just like to avoid all those problems, flat the flop and see what happens on the turn and the river. Now that I’ve told you what I’d rather do, let’s take a look at the hand and see what actually happened. Button decides to raise and surprising the big blind called. If you were called, the big blind has king, queen hearts. It’s a strange call; I’m really surprised he did that.

Here comes the turn though and it’s the queen of diamonds, that’s a really interesting card because now the big blind has top pair and the button has two pair. The big blind in the original hand decided to check and the button decided to go all in. What do you think about this jam? Do you like it? Do you hate it? If you hate it, what do you think you should’ve done on the turn? I’m going to end the video and let you go to the forums and let me know what you think there. Hopefully we can generate some interesting discussion because I find this turn a little bit interesting. Let me know what you think and until next time, thanks for watching.

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