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Drunk Aggressive Multi-Tabling with Funny Commentary ($200nl 6-Max by ville18)

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Ville18 aka wiwwe aka SEXXXXXXYBOI aka evallongoria etc etc getting drunk and spewing around at 1/2, some say i run hot, i would say no, but i just ran so bad for 1,5k hands so i guess i ran g00t on the vid. Haf phun.

Category: Cash Game
Tags: Texas Hold’em, Cash Game, 6 Max
Added by: ville18
Poker Room: Party Poker
Length: 45:47

Full Transcript

OK, this is SEXXXXXXYBOI from SSNL. I’m trying to get drunk here, so, fuck you all. I’m just spewing around, so you probably don’t learn anything from this.

This asshole guy on Table Number 3 is some fucking idiot. I had him already. He keeps min-raising every time I don’t [inaudible 00:00:32] and shit like that, but hopefully I get some cards against him and stack him.

OK. King-Queen suited. I’m raising it up under the gun. Oh, shit. I’m going to make a squeeze play since there are idiots here who called and see if I can get … even though he raised from under the gun. Fuck him. If he’s weak, he can’t call me.

OK. I fold it. I’m calling push from this fucker. OK. A fucking min bet. Just call and try to catch my King and I’ll catch him. I’m now going broke. Oh, 25, whatever.

I’ll try malice to go all in. I’m calling him. If he has the Queen, fuck him. Fuck you. Now I’m going to put him all in. Oh. Come on, call me. Please, nigga.

OK, we flopped a standard. Standard flop for us, so I’m just going to make us more raise here. OK, we’re … Oh, actually, we’re going to make a little raise here, just so DICK_BUTTKICK can get in for cheap. OK, fuck him. We won.

OK. He has $93 left. Just going to make a little value bet here, see if I can get some. No. Fucker.

OK, top set here. I’m going to make quite big raises. There’s two guys and there’s flush draws, straight draws and shit. Oh. Please raise me, asshole. Thank you.

OK, good slope here, but … since he’s raising a lot of the time. Oh, geez. OK, I’m raising you. OK, I’m making … Yeah, I’ve got to raise that. I’m obviously going to raise top pair here.

Fuck. Not the card I wanted. OK, that 7 is not the best card for me. Complete some straights. I’m just going to fold this shit. Oh, I’m going all in with my 10s. If he has the straight, fuck him, I’m going to river him. No. OK. He sucks. Jesus Christ, what an idiot. OK, here’s the money. Thank you.

OK. I didn’t just call his raise on the flop and push or raise any decent turn card, but it’s always a risky play to give any free cards on flops like that, so it’s just better to raise.

OK, standard. Another set here. I’m going to make another big raise.

OK, I get min-raised by an idiot. Oh, Jesus Christ. I’m just going to raise again.

OK, he calls me. Fuck. Argh. OK, hopefully he has, like, flush draw or whatever. I’m going to raise this, obviously, since it’s … Fuck. Please have an Ace-King. Push me, and then just touch me.

OK, I need to play some Justin here, Justin [inaudible 00:05:01]. Getting drunk. Fuck you. Pay me off, nigga.

OK, [inaudible 00:05:16], I’ll raise you, blblablubb. Oh, sorry. Oh, yeah. Oh, DICK_BUTTKICK, he’s always 3-betting me to make a 4-bet here. Try to pick it up right now. He’s 3-betting a lot of the time. If he pushes, I’ll just have to fold. I’m probably just flipping at best, but he 3-bets very likely me, so …

I don’t always 4-bet. I just give up and fold, but if there’s a guy who is one of these 3-bet, butts or whatever, just need to 4-bet them, gladly sometimes, or just push or whatever, just to make sure that they don’t push you around too much.

I’m going to raise this up since there are idiots here, limps from cutoff.

I’m bored. I’ve got beer, you don’t. You suck.

Jesus Christ. Oh, yeah. Nice, yeah. OK, this guy goes broke with King-Jack on [inaudible 00:07:21]. OK. I’m raising up. Ace-Queen.

Yeah, this guy, he 3-bets with … but if I raise him from cutoff, he 3-bets me every fucking time. Oh, yeah. I have to check this King-Jack hand. Yeah.

OK, he’s an idiot. I’m going to raise this since … Oh, well. I’ll just ditch it. Whatever.

OK, we’ll see. Jesus Christ, I don’t get what the fuck are these idiots limping.

OK. Jacks raised. Yeah.

OK, so if you didn’t watch my first video, I’m going to …

OK, this idiot, oh, I have to raise big here and hopefully he doesn’t have, like, 6-5 or 8-7, 9-6, whatever. Just going to make a raise. Thirty-eight bucks.

I think this guy goes broke with 9 here. OK. That doesn’t change a thing, I believe. God, I hate this guy. Should I give him a free card here? No, I don’t think so. I’m just going to bet it out and see what he does.

I hate to call his cell here, but I think I’ll do that. Yeah, I’m calling him. Whatever. If he has two pairs or 7-8, then I just suck and he owns me. OK, just push it, idiot. OK, thanks.

Oh, God, what a hand. If the board wasn’t like that, I could’ve just tried to pot-control and check behind the turn, but since it was so draw-heavy, I can’t let him have a free card there.

Just going to check and see if I’m flopping this. There’s no reason trying to steal from this guy’s … I mean, he’s most likely limping Aces there. If I have, like, A6 or something, I’m obviously going to raise him.

OK, he raised me. Whatever. Yeah. That’s the hand he’s … Oh, he’s going to limp there. If I have bigger Ace here, I’m obviously going to raise him since I know he has, like, crappy Ace there. I’m going to get 8 off with it and I’d limp here if malice had more money, but … and since this idiot’s here, he’s also a small stack, so …

OK, I’m going to raise this Ace-Jack. IllEatUrRoll is a regular and he’s going to raise more likely from cutoff, so … Once that’s done, I’m going to pick it up right there.

OK, I’m raising Ace-King here. If DICK_BUTTKICK here 3-bets now, I’m going to push, insta-pushing to look weak. Actually, I’m not going to insta-push that. I would’ve taken some time and thought about it.

OK. He calls me. I haven’t got shot on a good turn or flush, so I’m raising it up, since I have pushes and I can’t check behind their turn here.

So he probably has, like, a Queen or a 10 and he’s not going to fold it. OK, I didn’t flop, river anything, so I’m just folding this.

Yeah. Oh, very nice. Yeah. Well, he got the maximum amount, but … I don’t know how he played that. I don’t know. I think he called my continuous … No.

Yeah. OK, he likes to slow-play. I’d like to take note of that and hopefully I can use it against him. Obviously I had a draw there, but if I had hid my [inaudible 00:13:55], I would’ve gotten paid off easily. Just, I control against this guy so cheap that it’s going to be profitable to know that.

OK. Geez, I hate these fucks. If I raise here, they’re going to call me with the Ace and … Shit. I’m not going to put any more money in this pot. I’m not going to raise this Ace-Jack since the board is pretty active for me and he sourced that, so if he pushes, I can’t call him, so there’s no point on that flop. Just see if I can get free cards on him, my Jack or an Ace and put him all in, or whatever.

Oh, geez. Whoops. OK, we need music. I’ll see if I’ve got Backstreet Boys’. Everybody loves Backstreet Boys obviously, so, OK. This is for you, SSNL. Anyone who is watching this video, you have to listen to my music.

Fuck. What’s wrong with my [inaudible 00:15:24]? Folding with crappy hands.

OK. This is for you, SSNL. I love you, guys.

Hmm. Sorry. Oh, geez. Goddamn beer. If you didn’t watch my first sucky video, the stats here are [inaudible 00:16:05] showdown, fold the flop bet, fold the turn bet, a number of hands. I’ve got the poker raise hat filtered on the show the last 1,000 hands, since I got, like, 20,000 hands, some regular, so it takes shitloads of time to load, [inaudible 00:16:32] all of them. So fold to flop bet, fold to turn bet, aggression frequencies for each street, flop, turn and river.

Here’s the cold-calling person that … OK, the idiot raised. I’m going to 3-bet him. OK, what’s my stats on … Oh, yeah, here’s the King-Jack guy. I’m raising this King-Jack suited.

OK, we’ve got to gather. That’s a fucking weak bet once again. And I got the, I got shot. We had some gut shot, so I’m going to try to pick this pot here or turn my turn. Yeah, he sucks. OK, I’m going to make note of that.

OK. 5-6, bullshit hand. Folding. OK, I’ve got King-9 here.

OK. He’s Canadian, so I’m raising it up. He’s [inaudible 00:17:56] too close to Yankees, so he must suck. Obviously. If he was a European guy, I would obviously just check/fold the hand. We’re wrapping the Queen here. [Inaudible 00:18:15] are raised.

OK, he’s an idiot. Obviously. No one min-raises here. No one check-min-raises. He probably doesn’t have the Queen, but I’ll just let it go. I’ll punish him later on in this video [inaudible 00:18:32] most likely.

OK, we’re going to min-bet my 7, since 7 is the nuts. As I told you, he can’t call me since I have the nuts. OK.

Oh, Jesus. He limp-calls. He raised. I’ll just check. OK. Not the best card, but … Yeah. OK, that’s a, yeah, nice fucking bet. Whatever.

OK, not the same song again. Let’s see what the … I’ve got Justin. I’m going to play you Justin Timberlake. Fuck. Justin Timberlake, “Señorita.”

OK, he’s going to string-bet me most likely here, and I’ll just fold.

OK, top two pairs against the idiot, yeah. Yeah, whatever. I’ll just check. I’ll check these behind this … [Inaudible 00:20:14] is for him to bet the turn here. His turn aggression factor, frequency, I mean, is quite big.

I’ll make a small raise, just [inaudible 00:20:28] so I can get some money out of him. And I do. He instantly checks it again. I don’t believe he has 4. If he has, I’m probably going broke here, but I’ll just make another value bet.

OK, he [inaudible 00:20:45] calls me with air, probably, or an Ace. Weak Ace, probably. Yeah. No, King. King-9. I won’t … That’s a pretty nice hand to call with, obviously.

OK. I got … Oh, fuck. I have to obviously make, raise here with Queens. I’m a little worried about his small raise there, but if he raises me here, I’ll probably just fold it, unless he wouldn’t raise me, like, min-raise, then I’m going to call and see what the flop brings and I’ll go from there.

OK, come on, idiot. Just push. OK, he doesn’t. OK.

OK, more beer.

Yeah. High [inaudible 00:22:10]. Whatever.

I have no idea how long this video is right now, but I’ll make this 30 or 40 minutes long.

OK, idiots. Oh, fuck. I can’t raise here since he has, like, 46 bucks left, so if he pushes, there’s so much ahead of me, so … Well, whatever. You know that stuff.

OK. Ace [inaudible 00:23:11]. I’m not going to make a play with it. Ace-8, just fold that shit.

My roommate is having a party tonight, so, as I said, I’m drinking and probably playing like shit, but I really don’t care.

I’m not going to raise this shit up. I don’t know. I just felt like it.

OK, I’m going to play you this summer hit of 2007 from Finland, and it sucks, obviously. It’s so bad it’s funny, so … Obviously you are not going to understand the words and shit, but I don’t care. Not my fault if you are from fucking U.S.A.

OK. Crappy flop. I’m just going to raise it up. If he calls, push it. I’m just folding.

Oh, Jesus Christ. I’m calling … be a small raise since there’s so much money. OK, he’s an idiot. Obviously.

Oh, fuck. OK, that’s a nice flop for me. OK, I’m going to … I’m going to open it. I probably won’t get called by anyone, but … I mean, if I check, well, I could check-raise there, or check-call or whatever, but … Yeah.

I think these guys hate me right now, so … Obviously they could have an 8 there with a weaker kicker than mine, but … Oh, Jesus Christ.

OK, I can’t raise since the idiot limped again. Otherwise, I would’ve. Since 3-4 is suited, it’s like the top three hands in Unlimited Holdem. Oh.

OK, min-raised by an idiot. If he had more money, I’d call him, just free-roll against him.

OK. There’s an idiot limper once again. I’m going to raise. I think these guys have, like, Ace, small Ace, whatever. I’m not going to play a big pot here, unless I flop good. I’m going to take a stab at this. If he doesn’t have the green card, OK. This fucked up. I’m playing so bad tonight.

OK. That’s a good, good card for me. I think he could be … Oh, Jesus Christ. I’m going to make a teaser bet here, see if he raises me. I think I’m had here. Or not. Jesus Christ, I suck. OK. Glad he didn’t raise me. I would’ve called him. OK, I’m going to raise this idiot.

OK, here’s the call. You suck. You’re going down so badly. Just push, idiot. I want to keep him in the pot and I’ll make … He has 7-6 [inaudible 00:28:28]. Yeah. Yeah, I win. Ship it, bitch. You can’t beat me now. Yeah. He had, like, Queen, one Queen. What’s the kicker? OK, Queen and 3. Nice fucking hand, Mark. But you still suck. Jesus Christ.

OK, that’s a good flop for a continuation bet here, since this guy didn’t raise me. He would’ve done it with, like, Ace-Queen, Ace-King and shit like that, unless he has flush draw or Jacks or 10s. He could be Jack-raising me there. Or with a flush draw. But [inaudible 00:29:27] blah blah blah. It’s an insulator for me if he raised me there.

OK. What do we have here? God, I hate the fucking mini-stacks. Go play like fucking $10 No-Limit or something. I’m going to take a stab at it. OK, fucking min-raised. Jesus Christ.

Fuck. Just spewing around. Just don’t take a lesson from this video.

OK, [inaudible 00:30:17] is the … OK. Nice nick also. I have to call that small raise and set for … and there’s my fucking card. I need to raise that strong. OK, here’s the call. He probably has Jack or a bigger pair. Ah. I’ll just push here. If he has Jack, he’s calling me. I need the … Fuck. I suck. Could’ve checked there to see if he bluffs me, but no. You know?

I’m going to 3-bet this guy, since he’s one of the 3-bet bots here.

Yeah. These guys are raising with too fucking many cards. I think no or one of them is a winning player there. I mean, they just raise with air every time I fucking raise from the button. There’s just no point.

OK, I got two overs. If he min-raises me, I’m pushing. If he raises all in, then I’m probably going to fold it. Well, no, I would’ve gone all the way with that hand. Since this guy’s an idiot, he could push there with, like, 3 high or whatever.

I’ve lost $100 here since this fucking idiot is owning me. I just limped here just to pre-roll against this unknown player. I don’t know if my play here is good. I should’ve probably raised up and … but, yeah.

Just mixing it up a bit. I can raise DICK_BUTTKICK here. He’s not going to just check with Ace there, and I don’t think he could’ve imagined I had an Ace there, since I didn’t raise. I could get out being called by a, like, 5 or a 6 or a flush draw easily.

I’m going to raise this. This guy’s an idiot. If I hid anything, well, I could’ve checked and … but, whatever.

OK, I’m going to fold the turn, which was suited. I would’ve raised up and …

OK. I’ve got beer, you don’t. OK, we need more music here. OK. I’ll see what I have. OK. This one goes to Messiah. This is for Messiah from SSNL. I don’t even know if you can hear these songs. I don’t really even care.

OK, I’ve got a couple of 3s here. I’m just limping in it. I’m checking, since the … I’m going to raise enormousdonk here. I’m checking 3. It’s just to see if I hid my 3. I probably will be getting paid off with it, even though it’s a limp or just these guys are huge donks here.

I mean, about the 3-betting, it’s just not profitable enough if you’re always 3-betting from the blinds. You should be calling at times. You shouldn’t be 3-betting every time. If your opponents won’t give you … I mean, if they pay any attention at all, they’re going to pick it up that you’re 3-betting every time. I see this number here, I know this idiot is going to 3-bet me a lot of the time with air, so … Usually I just let it go if I don’t have the hand, but sometimes I make a stand and just raise with air or something. They don’t think I can make a move like 4-betting them to $7 or something with just air. People only do it with, like, Aces, Kings or Ace-King or anything.

Let’s see, 9 from … This guy is my fucking favorite player of all times. He’s 9-5. Probably thought he had straight. Like here, I’m just calling this, and this fucking idiot, he would be 3-betting every single time.

OK. I think I can lead here, since this guy seems to be pretty tight with his pre-flop raise.

OK, that’s a bad card. Or it could be a great card for me. I’m going to double-barrel this since the Ace came. OK. I’m just giving it up. He probably had the Ace-King or any Ace or 10s, whatever. I’m not going to see that. I’ll just check this with the Queen. OK, he’s raising every time. OK.

I’m calling his push here. If he has a Queen, fuck him. Whatever. OK, insta-min raise. Yeah, whatever. He has the Queen. Or doesn’t. OK. Oh, he had, like, 9s. Whatever. Let me see that. Show me your fucking hand. 9s. God, I’m so good. I’m so awesome.

If you check those … If I had the Queen, I would’ve checked that, too. Since I can get value from smaller pairs like that, mid pairs, anything, and I can induce bluffs or whatever if I check the flop or a turn. I mean, OK, I’m calling this since I have the flushes and then see how flop plays.

OK, here’s an excellent place to make a bet, since he used the check to me. If he’s check-raising me, I can fold it easily, but if he checks there … I mean, it’s a pretty good play to take a stab at, but …

He probably had, like, Jacks or a bigger pair like Queens, two Aces or something. Since he is not raising a lot of the flops and … Well, he could’ve had, like, flush draw also, Ace-King of Spades. I think the black cards are spades. I’m not sure, though.

OK, I’m going to raise him. This is a plant blind and I can easily represent some of those hands. OK, this is a tough spot. Well, I do have the … I’m going to call this, and if I don’t hit a turn, I’ll just give it up. And I don’t.

I wonder what he had. He could’ve had a flush draw there also. I’m also 4-betting the flush draw with plant blinds if it’s limped. I mean, it just disguises your flush draw so good that it’s impossible to know if you hid it. They just put you on two pairs or shit like that, but that’s not the great flop for it.

I mean, you can’t pull them to a set if there’s flop like Jacks, Queen. Jack, Queen, Ace or whatever it was. You obviously are going to raise three flops, so … I don’t know. I’m not even sorry if I would’ve gotten paid off with the flush if I hid it, unless he had a bigger flush.

Yeah, this guy’s an idiot. He’s chasing with overs. I believe he called me with Ace-Queen high with some [inaudible 00:41:16] without any draws or … Yeah. Whatever.

I’m just making a raise here. I’m putting [inaudible 00:41:28]. If he wants to call me with Ace, whatever, he can do it right now. I’ll just fold it, this guy probably calling me. No.

OK, OK, OK, OK. I’m not raising. Oh, well, idiot min-raised anyway, so I’m not raising with a crappy hand like Queen-8 suited, since this guy’s so short that it’s not going to be profitable, I think. Well, he’s probably pushing every fucking hand, so … oh, I don’t know. I don’t know even what I’m talking about here, but I hope you do.

OK, Ace-Jack. Let’s see how it goes. OK, nothing. This seems to be getting quite bad, this table right here. We’ve got this fish here, but these guys are all regulars.

Well, this guy’s bad. He’s raising too much. I think. I don’t know much about this guy or this guy, except that he’s neat.

Oh. I’m going to check how long I’ve been recording and I’ll be right back.

OK, I’m going to quit this session right now. I’ll show the PokerTracker stats. I’ll play for these blinds and I’ll just quit. I’ll show my PokerTracker stats for this session if I can get them to show up properly.

OK, some idiot’s calling me. Just a second.

OK. OK, I’m going to play a small raise [inaudible 00:43:37]. I don’t know why I did that, but I sometimes do that if I’m small blind and it’s [inaudible 00:43:49] to me … I don’t know. I think it could seem like a stronger hand against regulars who know I’m always making four times the big blind. If I do the standard four times big blind against them from small blind to big blind, I mean, they’re going to fold me a lot of the times.

OK, this is the last time on this table, so I’m going to fold it. Fuck you. I was going to raise, but I lost some money with playing mediocre hands from under the gun. That’s my last hand on the table. Just making stupid moves, hero calls and shit like that.

OK, we are done there.

OK, a few hands left. Who’s this guy? Yeah. This guy, I think he’s pretty solid. He’s pot-controlling a lot of the times and he’s, like, one of the few players I think who are good at the Party Poker 1/2 No-Limit.

OK, I’m done here. I’ll bring the PokerTracker stats for you guys. Just a second. OK, here are the stats for the play, I think. I’m not sure, but I think it is. Yeah. Well, yeah. I win. I’m awesome, so fuck you, guys.

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