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AJ in SB with 20 BBs in MTT – Hand of the Week 2B

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In Part II in Week 2 of “Hand of the Week”, Courtney Gee now looks at how to play AJ blind vs blind after the flop. A lot of your actions depend on how to build the pot correctly and how your bet size makes the hand easier to play. What do you think of her play on this board?

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Full Transcript

Hey guys, this is Courtney Gee from FlopTurnRiver. This video is part two of two videos where we have ace-jack in the small blind and around 18 big blinds in our stack. Last time we talked about pre-flop and today I would like to talk about post-flop. In the original hand it folded to us in the small blind and we decided to min. raise, the big blind called. Here is the flop. We have a flush draw, gutshot and overcard, so that is not too bad. Here we decided to go ahead and continuation bet $14,000.00. While I think C-betting is definitely a good idea, I think Hero bet way too small. I will try to show you why. Big blind is going to call and the turn is come in eight of hearts. Now we are in a really awkward spot. It kind of feels like we should keep betting, but we are afraid of what might happen if the big blind does not fold.

For example, here is a bet. What are we going to do if big blind just flats and we miss the river? We are kind of in a bad spot. We do not really know what we should do with the rest of our chips; we only have $65,000.00 behind. Or, what happens if big blind raises, like what actually happens in this hand. Now we are also in a bad spot and now we have to hope to hit the river in order to win the hand; that is the only way we can win. We just want to really avoid these situations. What the Hero should have done was actually C-bet bigger on the flop and hopefully create a stack that he can just shove on the turn. To make it even easier, we should also try to raise more pre-flop like I talked about in the last video. That will make it even easier to bet the flop and shove the turn. I will show you what the hand could have looked like and, I like this a lot better.

It folds to us in the small blind, we raise to $18,000.00 instead of $15,000.00 and the small blind calls. Pot is bigger now on the flop, we can bet $25,000.00, big blind calls and, now look at the stacks. We have $83,000.00 behind and the pot is $93,000.00. That sets us up for a really nice shove. Shove on the turn, we have plenty of fold equity and big blind will hopefully just fold. Even if the big blind does call though, we still hopefully have outs to win the hand on the river.

That is all I have to say about this hand. Let me know if you have any questions or comments. I will leave off with another question for you. Hopefully it will generate a little bit of discussion. Of course, there are other ways we can try to play this post-flop. For example, instead of C-betting, we could check raise the flop. Are there any other lies that you can think of that you would prefer to the one I suggested here? Let me know in the comments. As always, thanks for watching. See ya next time.

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