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AJ in MP with 20 BBs in MTT – Hand of the Week 1C

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In the conclusion of the first Hand of the Week segment, Courtney looks at how to play AJ out of position with 20 BBs when you miss the flop entirely. There are a few lines you can take, depending on the board and how villain plays. What did you think of our new series? Did Courtney play this hand correctly?

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Full Transcript

Hey guys. This is Courtney Gee from Flop Turn River. This is part three of three videos where Hero has ace, jack, the middle position with the 20 big blind stack.

Last time we talked about hands where we flop pairs and this time I’d like to talk about hands post-flop or we don’t flop pairs. Usually we’re just going to be continuation bidding around half pot and giving up on the turn if we’re called. There are some scenarios where you can bet more than half pot of less than the half pot on the flop with the intention of doing something else. I’ll show you what I mean.

In this hand over here, king, seven, five, there’s not a lot that the opponent can hit, so it’s really a good flop. Usually they’re just going to fold when we bet. Just in case they do call, we’d like to bet a little less than half pot so we can double barrel the turn without being committed on the river. We’re going to bet 300 into 800 and we’re going to call. On this turn we can bet 600 and if they do call we can just check fold the river and they’re actually often going to fold because there’s not a lot they can continue with.

In this next example, we’re going to flop quite a bit of equity for a hand and this is a case where we actually want to bet more than half pot on the flop, gives us lots of fold equity. It also sets us up for a pot sized bet on the turn. There’s a huge chance that they fold to this bet and when they don’t we have quite a few outs and hopefully we can make a winning hand on the river.

That’s going to be it for this hand where have ace, jack here in middle position. Let me know what you think in the comments, and also let me know what you think about these questions. I’m wondering about some other lines that we can take post-flop with the 20 big blind stack. There’s some [inaudible 00:01:45] where you’d like to check raise on the flop instead of continuation bet or perhaps maybe check the flop and bet the turn instead.

I’m also wondering what types of flops where we shouldn’t be continuation betting at all. Maybe we’ll flop something and it’s just really terrible and we’ll just give up, check fold.

Tell me what you think in the forums and thanks a lot for watching.

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