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AJ in MP with 20 BBs in MTT – Hand of the Week 1B

Courtney continues from part I (which discussed preflop action) and expands into what to do if you’re called out of position with AJ in MP with a 20 BB stack. She dives into a few different scenarios and different lines you could take in each. In Part III, Courtney will continue her postflop discussion, and talk about what to do if you miss the flop entirely.

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Full Transcript

Hey guys. This is Courtney Gee from Flop Turn River. This is part two of three videos where Hero has ace, jack and middle position and 20 big blind stack.

Last time we talked about min raising rather than open jamming, and in this video I’d love to talk about getting called pre-flop and hitting a pair post-flop.

Hitting top pair is a really self-explanatory. We’re usually just going to bet the flop, bet the turn and then jam the river. Usually we’re not going to fold after hitting top pair with the 20 big blind stack. It’s a little bit trickier if we hit second pair on the flop though. In this particular hand we’re going to hit a jack. Obviously we’re beat if the opponent has a queen and there’s also lots of draws out there. It’s kind of a tricky spot. We’re obviously going to c-bet. It’s a bet for value. We have no reason to believe that we’re beat yet. In this particular hand the opponent is going to call.

On the turn, I think we should bet again. However, if the opponent decides to raise us here, I’m usually going to fold. It’s a really strong line for them to call the flop and raise the turn. Usually, if they have a draw and they want to raise, they’re going to do so on the flop. We’re usually beat on the turn if we bet and they raise. In this particular hand though, the opponent is going to call.

I find the river a little bit interesting. In this case, nine of hearts completes a lot of draws. We should probably check fold. The opponent has tons of draws in this range and if we’re beating their hand, they’re usually going to check behind when this card comes. However, they’re going to always bet if they hit their draws. We should probably fold when they bet.

I also think though that if the river bricks. Let’s see the three of diamonds comes. I think we should still check. That’s gives the villain a chance to bluff their missed draws. We’ve already decided that they have lots of draws in their range. Obviously, they’re not going to call if we bet the river but they might bluff. If the river bricks, we should be check calling.

Let me know what you think the comments if you agree with my analysis or if you disagree definitely and let me know and be sure to watch part three. In that video I’m going to talk about missing the flop completely and some of the lines that we can take.

Thanks for watching.

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