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AJ in MP with 20 BBs in MTT – Hand of the Week 1A

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This is the start of a new video series called Hand of the Week. In this video, Courtney Gee, known as donkbee, looks at a trouble spot some MTT grinders find themselves in – a decent hand (AJo) in MP with a 20 BB stack. Courtney looks at what Hero decided to do preflop and what better options they had. Part II and III of the series to come which go into postflop play.

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Full Transcript

Hey guys. This is Courtney Gee from Flop Turn River. We’re starting a new hand of the week segment. Every week we’re going to post a couple of videos. I’m going to try to find hands that I find interesting, talk about them in the videos and then you can let me know what you think. You can tell me if you agree, disagree or ask questions, whatever comes to mind. Today I’m going to talk about a hand that I find where Hero has ace, jack in middle position and a round of 20 big blind stack. I’m going to divide this hand into three parts. In this video I’m going to talk about pre-flop option and then in the next two videos I’m going to talk about post flop.

In the original hand, Hero decided to open jam. Twenty big blinds, ace, jack, middle position. Open jamming is usually a bad idea. We want to get a little bit of value from the hand but by open jamming, everyone behind us is just going to fold. Unless of course I have a monster. In that scenario, we’re going to be dominated and almost always losing our stack. What we’d actually like to do is just min raise.

Min raising give us a lot of flexibility. If we min raise, we might still just take a damn pre-flop without a fight. That’s really good and these are big, it adds a lot to our stack. We might get three bet. That can be good if the three better is fairly loose. We might be able to call all-in or even for a bet jam and be ahead of the range. Sometimes when there’s re-bet we want to fold. This happens when someone re-bets us and they have super, super tight stats or we just know that they’re raising us really, really with a tight range. In that case we’re more than happy to fold, wait for a better spot. That’s a benefit of min raising that people don’t usually remember is that we have the option of fold when someone really tight decides to raise us.

Of course the last option when we min range is someone calls. In that case we get to see a flop. I’ll talk about that in the next two videos like I said. For now I’ll like to leave with a question. Do you think that we should be min raising with our entire range in this spot or other hands where we can raise more the minimum or even just open jam. Let me know what you think and I’ll talk about post flop in videos two and tree. Thanks for listening and watching.

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