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6 Max: Table Selection by Jyms (Small Stakes $25NL Poker Cash Game)

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In this video I start off in the lobby of PokerStars showing you how to select tables. I spend most of the session going over Hud stats that will allow you to know when you are in a good seat at the right table. I start at one $25NL table to explain what you need to watch for and avoid, then while two tabling I go over some ideas about what look for when sitting at the tables and when to know it’s time to move on. Table selection becomes so improtant at higher stakes but can easily double your winrate at the micro tables when paid attention to.

Category: Cash Game
Tags: Texas Hold’em, Cash Game, 6 Max
Added by: Trainer_jyms
Poker Room: PokerStars
Length: 45:41

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