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Poker Strategy: Poker Rules

The rules of the road. Learn how to play various forms of poker.

Poker Rules

Before getting into intricate strategies and advanced maneuvers, you ought to really have a complete mastery of the rules that govern gameplay. Each form of poker has its own particular wrinkles that have can really trip you up if you’re unfamiliar with them. Don’t be that person who tries to make a nut flush with the lone Ace of suit in Omaha or the one who forgets that there’s a third draw coming in Badugi. The articles in this area of FTR go into considerable detail about the betting action, game structure, and other particulars of all the common varieties of poker that are spread today. Rather than going through an extensive (and expensive) learning process at the tables, arm yourself in advance with the accurate information that we have compiled. That way, you won’t be a sucker when you sit down to play a new game.

Featured Poker Rules Articles

5 Card Draw Rules

5 Card Draw is a game that’s familiar to many poker players through fondly remembered games around the kitchen table. With only two betting rounds and the possibility of replacing cards you don’t like, the game is completely different from Texas Hold’em.

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How to Play Hold’em Poker

If you’ve watched televised poker tournaments, the players were probably playing No Limit Texas Hold’em. With two blinds to get the action started and four rounds of betting, there’s plenty of action to be found. All-in confrontations are somewhat common especially in tournaments.

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In HORSE, players must play 5 different poker games: Hold’em, Omaha/8, Razz, Seven Card Stud and Seven Card Stud/8. All games are in limit betting format, and each game is played for eight hands before the next game in the rotation begins.

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No Limit Texas Hold’em Rules

No Limit Texas Hold’em is probably the most popular form of poker today. There are four streets of play and five community cards before showdown. In contradistinction to Limit Hold’em, players can bet any amount of chips in their stack.

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Most Recent Poker Rules Articles

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