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Poker Strategy: No Limit Hold’em

What are the two most powerful words in poker? I’m all-in.

No Limit Hold’em

You can win or lose entire stacks in a single hand of No Limit Hold’em, and this excitement accounts for much of the popularity of the game. It’s not just a contest of having the best hand when all the chips go in the middle though. Well before that point, you should have created a plan for every street of the hand and formulated – in advance – your responses to every action your opponent takes. This isn’t magic but rather a science, and we’ll show you how to do it right. The articles below cover starting hand selection, the advantages of being aggressive, the stack-to-pot ratio, preflop three-betting, and the other concepts that you must master before you can truly become a proficient practitioner of NLHE. Once you achieve a certain level of skill, you’ll find yourself with numerous opportunities to practice it because No Limit Texas Hold’em is currently the most commonly spread form of poker in the world.

Featured No Limit Hold’em Articles

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Most Recent No Limit Hold’em Articles

Comparing and Evaluating Different Bluffing Lines

Sometimes there are different ways to try to exploit a player who folds a lot in a certain scenario, and you're going to have to decide which way will work out the best for you. We're going to look at the factors that determine how much value we're getting and look at...

Spenda’s 5 Biggest Leaks of a Losing NL Player – Leak 3

#3 Value Betting and Bet-Sizing Being able to size bets correctly in No-Limit Hold’em is a critical factor in improving your win-rate. Bet-sizing as a concept is not the easiest to explain or master but I will do my best. There are many different types of bets one...

ISF – Why Being OOP Sucks

The most repeated advice in poker. We’ve all heard it before. Position, Position, Position. The proof is in the pudding. Our statistics show that we win much more money on the button than we do UTG. But the advice to play in position is not very powerful when we have...

ISF – There’s No Such Thing As a Made Hand: Part 2

In an article from a few months ago, I explained the real differences between draws and made hands. In summary, draws and made hands weren’t simply names for hands, but actually each of them have certain equity qualities versus different ranges. Made hands were then...

No Limit Betting

Beginners generally have trouble knowing how much to bet when they hit a hand. For the most part they know to "take away the other guy's pot odds," but there's more to betting than that. Because... tell me if this happens to you... You have AK in early position. You...

Renton Theorem aka ABCD Theorem

When playing No Limit Texas Hold’em poker, it’s common to try to make the best play with the hand you’re given. However, you should also be considering how to maximize the value you get out of your whole range of hands. Usually, your range will be divided into four parts.

Using Pot Control or Not

If your head starts to swim at the thought of hand ranges and default ranges and all the rest of the technical poker jargon, then don’t worry. If you are an experienced player then you will already be used to subconsciously placing your opponents on possible...

A Better Approach to Attack and Defense in Poker

It’s important to think of aggression or initiative in poker not so much for any specific hand but rather over the overall range of hands a player might have. Unlike position, the player with initiative does not have an inherent advantage in any given hand.

EV Calculations Tutorial 3: More Complicated Scenarios

When calculating the expected value of a semi-bluff, you will need to work with compound probabilities. This means that certain probabilities will be expressed as the product of the probabilities of two events occurring. If you’re careful, the calculations should be easy.

Pre-flop Strategy – Ace In Hand

A pair of Aces is the most powerful hand in Hold’em. Ace King or Big Slick is also a great hand. Aces become very important in head-up situations and some players will raise with any Ace in head-up action. The list below documents some of the math involved in hands...

The Best Time to Bluff

Ever wonder what differentiates good bluffs from bad ones? This article explains the conditions that are the most ideal for you to pull off a bluff and the situations in which you’re least likely to succeed at bluffing. Your playing image and other factors determine when bluffing is a wise move.

ISF – Beginners Guide To Equity and Fold Equity

There has been a request for a beginners guide to equity so that’s going to be the article for this week. Equity is our mathematical chance of our hand or hand range winning the hand against our opponents hand or hand range. For example, the hand AA has 80% equity...