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Poker Strategy: No Limit Hold’em

What are the two most powerful words in poker? I’m all-in.

No Limit Hold’em

You can win or lose entire stacks in a single hand of No Limit Hold’em, and this excitement accounts for much of the popularity of the game. It’s not just a contest of having the best hand when all the chips go in the middle though. Well before that point, you should have created a plan for every street of the hand and formulated – in advance – your responses to every action your opponent takes. This isn’t magic but rather a science, and we’ll show you how to do it right. The articles below cover starting hand selection, the advantages of being aggressive, the stack-to-pot ratio, preflop three-betting, and the other concepts that you must master before you can truly become a proficient practitioner of NLHE. Once you achieve a certain level of skill, you’ll find yourself with numerous opportunities to practice it because No Limit Texas Hold’em is currently the most commonly spread form of poker in the world.

Featured No Limit Hold’em Articles

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Most Recent No Limit Hold’em Articles

Using Pot Control or Not

If your head starts to swim at the thought of hand ranges and default ranges and all the rest of the technical poker jargon, then don’t worry. If you are an experienced player then you will already be used to subconsciously placing your opponents on possible...

Brush Up Your Semi-Bluff, and Bring Home the Bacon

Knowing how and when to semi-bluff can increase your poker winnings. The advantages of semi-bluffing include you being able to control the pot, force your opponents to fold, slow the action and win big pots. With so many benefits, semi-bluffing needs to be incorporated into your playing regime!

The Process of Learning in Poker

Because there is no set way to study poker and the game’s variance makes it difficult to measure your progress, learning more about poker can be frustrating. But if you examine a single element of the game in multiple hands, you will accelerate your learning process and avoid becoming overwhelmed.

EV Calculations Tutorial 1: Introduction

When dealing with complicated poker decisions, it’s often helpful to make expected value (EV) calculations. If the decision is a close one, you might not be able to tell at a glace what the correct play is, so these calculations can help you determine what you should do.

Half-Stack Appraoch to NLHE

General Approach: Buy-in for 50bb. Re-load when you drop below 40bb. At 75bb re-evaluate table conditions. If you don't like your seat or table, nit it up until your blinds hit, then leave. Tend to leave if you drop 100bb at a table. Advantages to a less than 100bb...

Renton Theorem aka ABCD Theorem

When playing No Limit Texas Hold’em poker, it’s common to try to make the best play with the hand you’re given. However, you should also be considering how to maximize the value you get out of your whole range of hands. Usually, your range will be divided into four parts.

The Reality of Online Poker

Having spent around twenty years in the gambling industry in one capacity or another and numerous years in online poker, you cannot help but become aware of the seedier side of the industry. But this applies to all fields, it doesn’t matter what it is or how high...

The Incorporation of Second-Level Thinking

In today’s tough poker games, you can’t just think about what cards your opponents have. You have to also consider what they think you have. By doing so, you can strengthen some of your ranges and weaken others depending on what kind of action you expect to face.

Texas Holdem Position

This is a discussion taken out of our very popular poker forum. A beginner was asking about what we mean by position and why it's important. Some of our more experienced players eloquently described the importance of position in the game of Texas Hold’em. FNORD: You...

Pointers for Micro Stakes No Limit Holdem

(This is a post I wrote a while back which I hope will be useful for newcomers to micro-stakes NL. It should be useful up to 25NL, but it's specifically aimed at the player of a few weeks' experience, who understands the basics, but doesn't know much strategy. I hope...

Should You Always Use Pot Control?

I have to say that I absolutely love poker but I guess that I have written enough articles now for FlopTurnRiver for you to already now that. In this article I want to look at the concept of pot control. This is something that has been expanded over the past few years...

Game Flow in No-Limit Hold’em Cash Games

Over the years, many people have asked me for advice on what is the "perfect" strategy for certain types of games. I think people get somewhat seduced by the thought that something as complex as poker can be simplified to a few basic strategies that can be easily...