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Whether you're new to poker, a beginner player looking to sharpen your skills, or just new to FlopTurnRiver.com, this beginner's section will get you acquainted with all of the above. Poker is different from other forms of casino gambling games because you play against the other players, not the house. The house takes a rake out of every pot, and that's how they make their money. They couldn't care less how each player plays their hand or how much each player wins or loses. Out of this unique structure, strategy is born. If you make fewer mistakes than your opponents, over the long run, you will make money. It's as simple as that.

If you're new, everything may seem overwhelming. But the best way to approach becoming a poker shark is to take it one step and one hand at a time. Browse all of our beginner poker strategy articles below, or signup for our poker forum and introduce yourself in the Beginners Circle. There are many winning players who are willing to give you advice to help plug your leaks and improve your game. Poker is a game of skill, anyone can get lucky in one hand or session. But it takes the people who become students of the game to become a consistent winner. Start your poker education now!

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Most Recent Beginner Poker Articles

  • Poker Hands Order | Poker Hands for Omaha Hi/Lo
  • Posted by lolzzz_321 on Jul 16, 2017
  • Limit Omaha Hi/Lo has become popular due to its prevalence not only at dedicated Omaha Hi/Lo tables, but also in mixed games like HORSE. Half the pot is awarded at showdown to the high hand, and half is awarded to the best qualifying low hand.
  • NLHE Foundations #07: Putting Opponents on Flop Ranges (Part 1)
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Jul 16, 2017
  • Introduction I’ve been doing the free NLHE Foundations Course here on FlopTurnRiver to give players a straight-forward path to go from the beginner levels to the intermediate levels with a mind towards being able to systematically improve over time. If you want to take part and get exclusive private messages,…
  • Looking More Into Implied Odds
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Jul 16, 2017
  • Learning implied odds on a deep level is something virtually no microstakes or small stakes players do, and it can drastically help your game.
  • How to Decide Which Hands to 3-Bet for Value Pre-Flop
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Jul 16, 2017
  • If you want to learn about how to 3-bet for value before you see the flop, you’ve found the right article. This will teach you how to 3-bet and when it’s appropriate to do so. You’ll also learn about your 3-betting range, calling range, folding range and why they are critical to your success.
  • How to Make Actual Adjustments While Playing
  • Posted by spoonitnow on Jul 16, 2017
  • Talking about making adjustments to your play is easier than actually making them at the table. Read through this example of how to make an adjustment to learn how to pull them off when you’re playing. Studying examples of successful adjustments will help you learn to execute them under pressure.
  • Breaking Down the Non-Hold’em Games Part 2
  • Posted by bigspenda73 on Jul 16, 2017
  • In Part 1 of this series we looked at the more common non-Hold’em games like Omaha and the Stud variations. Now it’s time to dive into some of the more obscure games, including all of the draw variations like 2-7 Triple Draw, 2-7 Single Draw, Badugi, and 5-Card Draw. Draw…
  • Online vs. Live Poker
  • Posted by givememyleg on Jul 15, 2017
  • In the past when live games became tough to beat players turned to online poker to hone their skills, get multi-table bonuses, and make money. With the games online getting harder by the day it is quite ironic the same players find themselves heading back to the live tables where…
  • Implied vs. Reverse Implied Odds
  • Posted by bigspenda73 on Jul 15, 2017
  • This seemingly simple topic might be one of the most misunderstood by beginners in poker. Learning about reverse implied odds was quite eye-opening for me and led to a large improvement in my ability. Most players, even those new to the game, understand what is meant by the term "implied…
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