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Nordic poker fans have the chance for a dream come true, PokerStars announced recently, and if you’re a football fan as well then this could well be the opportunity of your lifetime. Members of Team PokerStars will be living it up large at the upcoming Manchester Derby, and you could have the chance to meet up with them while they’re at it. You’ll be attending the game on February 12th and then spending the night with them around the town! To win this awesome prize you just have to play online qualifiers.

The Manchester Derby has nothing at all to do with horses, but is still a very intense sporting event which draws very dedicated fans. The name is used for any match between Manchester City and Manchester United, football teams in the premier league. In addition to the standard amount of trash-talking, bragging, gloating, good football and everything else that you’d expect, there’s also a lot of what poker player’s love best: action. Apparently the opportunity is too good to pass up for some Team PokerStars Pros, who will be heading to the derby.

PokerStars has announced that the Team Pros from Scandinavia and the Baltics will be present, giving fans a chance to meet the awesome players they admire and perhaps pick up a golden strategy tip or two at the same time. Internet poker superstar and new addition to the PokerStars Team Isildur1 does, of course, come from Scandinavia, and so there’s a chance that he will be present alongside the other pros, although at this stage we are unable to confirm nor deny his presence.

While you’ll have to find your own way there, once there you’re in store for a pretty fun-filled day. You will of course be attending the match between Manchester City and Manchester United with the Team Pros on February 12th. After that you’ll spend the entire night living it up large, getting to know the pros and as many poker secrets as you can get out of them over the course of a night of hanging out at “local spots”.

Qualifying is dead easy, although it is limited to players from Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland and the Baltics. Satellites are broken down by country, with the Baltics being considered a single country, and start Sunday January 30th at 20:20 CET/EET. The tournaments will run for four weeks, and there are three different levels. Freerolls will take place on Saturdays, $5.50 tournaments on Tuesdays and $22 tournaments on Thursdays, with 3, 6 and 8 final seats being added to the tournaments respectively. This is an awesome chance and shouldn’t be missed out on if you’re lucky enough to come from one of the eligible countries!