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Most poker players started out by playing home games with their buddies at one time or another. This requires players to buy a poker table, chips, and cards, find a dealer (or deal themselves), and travel through hours of traffic just to play a few hands of poker. Those days are over with Home Games by This may very well be the best thing to happen to online poker.

Players can create and customize their very own private poker club; they choose the games they play and the friends they invite. Creating a club is easy. Players must select a club name and invitation code. It can then be customized to only allow certain friends, add an administrator, and even seasons for seasonal poker play. Friends can easily find the poker club with the club name and invitation code.

There are a number of features that help administrators run their poker club seamlessly. Club Leader Boards are automatically created to display the top players in the poker club. Each player has a Player Statistics page where their points earned, top finishes, and club member knockouts can be viewed. A Game Schedule will be featured to make it easy to see tournament dates and times as well as any open ring game tables. Each poker club will have their name featured on the virtual felt. Players may choose from games like Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, HORSE, and more!

As amazing as all this sounds, there is a feature of PokerStars Home Games that trumps the others: IT’S FREE! Creating and managing an online poker club will not cost a penny. Players have nothing to lose and tons of time to gain by trying out PokerStars Home Games. The days of worrying about buying a new poker table and getting everybody together for a game of poker are over. PokerStars Home Games is here!